LELO Sex Position of the Week: A Leap of Faith

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LELO Sex Position of the Week: A Leap of Faith

LELO Sex Position of the Week: A Leap of Faith

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Taking the plunge in any new relationship can sometimes feel like a big leap of faith, and whether it’s always worked out or not, the leap of faith sex position is definitely worth jumping into with both feet!

We like this position because it utilizes an oft-ignored part of your bed: the edge. The edge of the bed (or table or counter or couch) can add both some much needed stability and leverage if the seated partner can put their feet on the floor.

Depending on the height of the receiving partner, they can either help out with their tippy toes on the floor, or, if on the smaller side and/or bendier side, keep their feet flat on the mattress with the topping partner holding their buttocks for support.


We’re big fans of ‘from behind’ sex positions (because hello, it’s the best time for either receiving clitoral stimulation or a sensual back massage) but many couples feel like it might not be the most intimate of copulation configurations.

Additionally, there are a lot of variable when it comes to successfully pulling on this sex position including everything from the height of your bed to the slipperiness of your floor. That being said, we have faith that you and your partner will have fun figuring it out!

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