Here’s How to Use Blindfolds to Make Sex Even Hotter

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Bringing a Blindfold to Bed Can Make Things Way Hotter — Here’s How

Here's How to Use Blindfolds to Make Sex Even Hotter

Bringing a Blindfold to Bed Can Make Things Way Hotter — Here’s How

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It’s often said that the brain is the biggest sex organ.

Well, it shouldn’t be a surprise, then, that despite its apparent simplicity, a blindfold is one of the simplest yet most powerful sex toys you can introduce in the bedroom.

That’s because by temporarily removing your ability to see, it’s altering your sensations in a way that completely changes what sex is like — and for some people, can seriously supercharge it.

So whether you’re looking to try something new, want to experiment with light BDSM or free your inhibitions, taking the sense of sight away from you or your partner can genuinely help heighten the whole experience.

If you’re new to using blindfolds, the great news is they’re inexpensive — and super easy to slip on. Ready to learn more? Here’s what the experts say about using blindfolds to make sex even hotter.

How Blindfolds Can Make Sex Better

There are a few key reasons why blindfolds heighten sexual experiences.

For starters, the sensory deprivation of being unable to see intensifies other senses, especially touch.

Being blindfolded allows you to focus solely on how things feel, which Dr. Jenni Skyler, an LMFT- and AASECT-certified sex therapist for says can be freeing.

“For those who easily get overstimulated, removing the stimulation of sight can be a very positive experience,” she explains. “The blindfold acts as permission to just fully receive pleasure.”

Using a blindfold also adds power dynamics to the experience.

“It adds a little kink into your sex life, because the person wearing it is in more of a submissive role because they do not know what the other person is doing, and the other is dominant because they are in control,” explains Dr. Lee Phillips, psychotherapist and certified sex and couples therapist.

The altered dynamics at play when using a blindfold can also be a powerful bonding experience, he explains: “The loss of control of using a blindfold contributes to the sexual experience because of trust. This makes the sexual experience better because you feel closer.”

Philips says the element of surprise can also add a layer of excitement and creativity.

“Not knowing what you are being touched with can be erotic to some people,” he explains. “The person is in control because they feel dominant, and knowing that you cannot see what they are doing is pleasurable to them and a turn-on.”

Tips for Using a Blindfold During Sex

Ready to start using a blindfold? Here are some tips to keep in mind.

1. Communicate With Your Partner

It’s important to note that not everyone’s going to love using blindfolds during sex.

Some people might find them uninteresting or boring; others might find they detract from the visual pleasures of sex, and yet others may find the loss of control disorienting and unpleasant.

Regardless of their reasonings, not wanting to engage in blindfold play is valid, so make sure you’re both on board before using one.

“Make sure you agree that you want to try this, and there is consent,” says Philips. “Are there any concerns or boundaries that you have?”

Also, as with any other form of Dominant/submissive kink, it’s important to think of a safe word to indicate if the activity needs to stop.

2. Choose a Good Blindfold

Shopping for the right blindfold should be fun and collaborative. Philips recommends having whoever will be wearing it weigh in when selecting one.

Some things to keep in mind are the type of material, size and adjustability (in case you both want to wear it and switch it off). It also doesn’t hurt to find a color that speaks to both of you. 

For some handy blindfold suggestions, though, keep scrolling to the end of the article. 

3. Test Drive the Blindfold First

“Ensure the blindfold is secure so the blindfolded partner stays in sensory deprivation,” says Philips.

Ensuring the blindfold works and stays put is essential for the most pleasurable results — if it can easily come off with a little back-and-forth, that can ruin the whole experience. There’s not a lot of sexiness to putting it on or re-tying it over and over again.

4. Go Slow

Being blindfolded for the first time can be an adjustment, so it’s important to take things slow to allow whichever person is wearing the blindfold to get acclimated.

The person not wearing the blindfold should be gentle at first.

“Start with light massages and kissing on their body to let them know they are safe,” says Philips. “This can also increase the erotic tension and ignite their other senses, especially touch.”

For the partner not wearing the blindfold, Philips says to pay attention to your partner’s reactions and to pause and adjust if you notice they seem uncomfortable.

5. Experiment

Sure, you can just have completely normal, vanilla sex where one person can’t really see anything, but you can also use the blindfold to play a role in experimenting a bit more.

Blindfolds can make engaging in role play even easier, as the blindfolded partner can more easily buy into a fantasy when they can’t see anything that’s around them.

They can also amp up explorations of sensation play, strong Dominant/submissive dynamics, or bondage play.

Just make sure, as with trying a blindfold out in the first place, that the experimenting isn’t something you surprise your partner with, but is something that you discuss beforehand.

Trying new things in sex can be lots of fun, but having them happen unexpectedly can be scary, and all the more so if you can’t see anything. As ever, enthusiastic, informed consent is ultra important.

Blindfolds to Try During Sex

Lovehoney Oh! Blindfold

Here's How to Use Blindfolds to Make Sex Even Hotter

Great for beginners, this super-soft and luxurious blindfold can also double up as an eye mask for lighter sleepers. “Silky satin and faux fur make it as sensual as it is practical,” says Philips. “Its elasticated straps give a snug fit to stop cheeky peeking, and the fur lining is still comfortable when worn for long periods.”

$8.99 at

Ouch! Glow in the Dark Blindfold

Here's How to Use Blindfolds to Make Sex Even Hotter

This innovative blindfold is fun for both partners. It’s adjustable and conforms to your face shape to obstruct sight effectively. Plus, it glows in the dark, so feel free to turn the lights down for your partner, too.

$14.99 at

Yomorio Satin Bandage Blindfold

Here's How to Use Blindfolds to Make Sex Even Hotter

If you want the added kinky satisfaction of tying the blindfold on your partner (or vice versa), this one-size-fits-all tie-on blindfold delivers. The elaborate texture feels high-end, plus it’s super comfortable to wear.

$9.99 at

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