5 Signs You’re Totally Wasting Your Energy On Him

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Photo: Davide Zanin Photography / Shutterstock 5 Signs You're Totally Wasting Your Energy On Him

Are you wasting your time in a “no-win relationship” that wears away at your mental and emotional state?

Do you feel like you’re more emotionally invested in the relationship? 

If your love interest is unwilling to put significant effort into a real commitment to you and make the relationship go forward, it’s time to bail from this sinking ship before you drown in heartache.

Here are 5 signs you’re wasting your energy on him:

1. You can’t ask him for help

If you feel more comfortable asking a friend for help than your significant other, this is a huge red flag! For example, if you feel funny asking your partner for help with simple projects like putting up a Christmas tree or assisting with a car emergency, then this person may not be the “right one.”

2. He never has time for you

If your partner continually demonstrates they don’t have time for you but seems to make time for everyone and anything else, then they are sending you a very strong message! Pay attention because you are clearly not at the top of their priority list. Remember, people make time for the things that are important to them.

3. He avoids meeting your friends and family

If your partner avoids meeting your friends and family or is never interested in introducing you to theirs, then beware. Even though it is not uncommon for couples to want to be one-on-one in the early stages of the relationship, they should eventually want to meet the important people in each other’s lives.

4. The relationship is mostly physical

If you find that your number one connection is mostly physical, chances are this person can become easily bored and move on to someone new because there was no depth in the relationship. Remember, lasting relationships are founded on friendship, love, and intimacy.

5. He’s still dating other people

If your partner is still interested in dating other people, but you are looking for a more meaningful relationship, then there is obviously a huge discrepancy in the way you feel towards each other. Clearly, if you have dated for a significant period of time you should be on the same wavelength. Understand that this person may never be emotionally available to you.

Remember, it takes two to make a relationship work. You cannot do all the work alone and achieve a healthy, happy, and loving partnership. If you are not receiving those feelings from the person you are with, do not waste another precious moment of your life being hurt.

Somebody is out there that will provide you with the kind of love and attention you are looking for. The most important thing you need to take away from this is that you deserve to be loved and appreciated!

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Deni Abbie is a certified Life Coach, Dating and Relationship Coach, Hypnotherapist, and syndicated author, and public speaker. 

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