4 Little Things Guys Love About Your Body (Even If You Don’t)

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Photo: Susannah Townsend, Icons8 Photos | Canva  4 Little Things Guys Love About Your Body (Even If You Don't)

Have you ever walked by a mirror, caught a glimpse of your reflection, and thought, Yikes?! Or, do you frequently stand in front of the mirror focusing intently on one or two parts of your body you hate?

Well, there’s an expression that says, “Your perception is your reality,” and this is especially true when it comes to your body. But you know what the irony is? What you look at and abhor, men’s opinion on women’s bodies say differently. Because your partner will look at these parts and love you all the more for them.

So, I’ve compiled a list of the four body parts that you might hate, but your significant other loves.

Here are 4 things guys love about your body (even if you don’t):

1. Your breasts

Hate your boobs? Think they’re too large, small, or otherwise oddly shaped? Well, the next time you’re with your partner, ask him what he likes most about your breasts. His answer may surprise you he thinks all boobs are good.

“As a guy may I ask, why do big boobs and small boobs matter? Boobs are boobs are boobs, and they are all fantastic.”

2. Your tummy

Contrary to popular belief, your partner does not care if you have washboard abs and a flat stomach or not. He loves you and your tummy just the way you are. He knows that a woman’s tummy is full and full of life.

“I don’t pay enough attention, for better or worse. When my significant other lost 15 lbs. and I didn’t notice, I had to gently remind her that I didn’t notice her putting it on, either. It can feel like a tightrope.”

4 Little Things Guys Love About Your Body (Even If You Don't)4 Little Things Guys Love About Your Body (Even If You Don't)

Photo: Tatyana Dzemileva via Shutterstock

3. Your butt

Your partner will be satisfied with the size of your butt, no matter how big or small you think it is.

“OK, I have cellulite in my butt!” Most men will say, “What’s cellulite?”

4. Your legs

Have you ever wondered why the sexy women in TV and movies are always in short skirts and heels? These areas are very sensual and erotic. If you want to understand just how much of an impact your legs have on your partner, put on a skirt, and some heels and enjoy their reaction.

If you want to spice up your relationship, ask your partner what he likes and loves most about your body and listen to him. You’ll probably find a new confidence in yourself and a newfound love for those body parts you used to hate.

“I can’t relate to the idea of picking a part of women’s bodies and saying it’s unsexy because, to me, love is three-dimensional.”



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