Girl on Top
“This is my favorite position. It feels like I go really deep when I thrust up, while she can always back away and maintain control so I don’t have to worry about, uh, overdoing it. There are so many good places to put my hands: cupping her face, caressing her boobs, just pulling her in from her sides and back as she rides…wow.” —SJ

“Ever since Game of Thrones came out, this position reminds me of Daenerys. You know, the scene where Khal Drogo tries to have sex doggy style but she stops him and says, ‘Tonight, I will look upon your face.’ I love a girl that likes being on top. It shows confidence, and it makes my attraction for her grow. Though I rarely can orgasm from this position, it does help me reach orgasm later because it makes me feel way more attracted to my sexual partner.” —AK

“I love it for the view, and bouncing boobs are hot. But how much can you enjoy sex when you’re thinking about how weird it’s going to be next time you see your neighbors who live below you? Cowgirl seems loudest because a vertical bounce shakes the floor. With the others, I can kind of brace my weight so it doesn’t sound like we’re playing basketball.” —NZ

“Girl on top is a great position because it’s an awesome show, like Cirque du Soleil. I don’t have to do anything except watch everything bounce. I can be lazy but still have the power to surprise with a thrust. Mainly, I let the girl do the work while she is gyrating on top of me. It’s great for Sunday mornings.” —CA

What Each Sex Position Feels Like for Guys
Reverse Cowgirl

“Combining the view of doggy style with the deepness and excitement of woman on top! What could possibly go wrong? My dick, that’s what. It’s just not that flexible. Okay, I can enjoy this position gently, but how many ladies really want to be gentle if they’re requesting reverse cowgirl?” —SJ

“I don’t have much experience with this one. The view is great, and it’s something different, which adds to its sex appeal. It’s a less feral version of doggy style. I believe part of the reason I’m not all for it is that I haven’t been with a woman who does it well. Perhaps—and hopefully—that will change.” —AK

“I’m not a fan. If she starts getting into it and gets over-ambitious in the height of her bounce, my penis could fall out. That could be a medical emergency for my junk if she comes down hard and something happens. Any time I get a mental image of my dick breaking, it kills the mood.” —NZ

“It’s a little more complex than girl-on-top, but I can still slide in easily. I like that my hands are free to spank, grab, and help out. It’s not necessarily a favorite, but can be timed so you both climax together.” —CA

What Each Sex Position Feels Like for Guys

“This is tricky if I don’t want to be big spoon. Seriously though, spooning is great and really brings out the intimacy in sex. When so much of your body is pressed against hers, the friction is super hot.” —SJ

“I guess you could have sex from the spooning position, but I honestly haven’t done it much. I’m not too into spooning in the cuddling realm, either. Actually, when it comes to spooning, I prefer being the little spoon, which I’m sure is not the norm, but whatever.” —AK

“Where is the leverage? There’s nothing to press off of. I can’t keep this going more than 10 or 20 thrusts.” —NZ

“This one’s great because I can do long, slow strokes as a tease, and I like that my hands and mouth are free to seduce her. I see it as mainly the second act of foreplay before moving on. I love the sensation, hate the work, respect the outcome and process. It’s ideal for Wednesday night date night.” —CA

Bonus Round:
“One of my favorite positions is where I am standing on the edge of the bed and my partner is lying down. I basically hold her legs apart and thrust while I am standing. Great view of everything for both people. She gets to see my body working to please her, and I get to see her flexible legs spread out in front of me and her breasts bouncing back and forth as I thrust. Sweet memories.” —AK

“Spooning is a fantastic transition position into my favorite: guy on top, both face-down, like lying-down doggy style. This gives full boob access, an easy reach to the clitoris if you’re feeling it, and she can tighten or loosen up how it feels down there easily from that position. It’s the best way to finish, too.” —NZ

“My favorite position is what I call the koala/monkey pick-up. It’s the most carnal thing I can do. Picking her up, slamming her against a wall, and thrusting is a monster boost to both parties. It shows I’m strong and feels great when I finish because of the strain. It’s perfect in the shower.” —CA

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