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What It’s Like to Stay at a Japanese Love Hotel, a Motel Designed for Quickie Sex

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Although love hotels have historically been used almost exclusively for sex, the truth is that they are becoming much more mainstream. Many tourists like myself use them as alternatives to name brand hotels, particularly if they’re traveling from city to city. “Nowadays love hotels not only target couples, but also friends with things like bachelorette party packages,” Liew says. “They can sing karaoke in the room, or relax together at a reasonable price.”

It’s also worth noting that Japanese society at large has less of a need for love hotels, in part because young people in particular are just having less sex. In fact, the Japanese government is funding speed dating to help combat the rapid decline in reproduction among the younger generations. For the time being, however, love hotels are still a major part of Japanese culture and history. (Plus, it just happened to be one of the nicest hotels stays I’ve ever had.)

Source: menshealth.com