Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend


Planning date night? Swiping right (or, ugh, left)? Ignoring your ex’s DMs? Whatever is going down in your love life this week, we gotchu. Check out your sexoscope for the week of December 6 to December 12 below!


What’s happening: The Moon is in your sign this weekend! On Sunday, it enters Taurus, and at the same time, Neptune connects with lovey Venus and squares off with the Sun.

What that means for you: You’re on your A-game this weekend, Aries! Tonight and Saturday are great for scoping out cuties at the bar and finding someone sexy to bring home, but Sunday’s astro vibes are a little more romantic. If you hook up with someone new this weekend, don’t be surprised if you start to like-like them, and make sure you use protection! Neptune’s influence this weekend can make unprotected sex even more risky, and you don’t want to catch anything (other than feels for your new crush).


What’s happening: On Sunday, the Moon enters your sign. Also on Sunday, Neptune gets into a tiff with the Sun in Sagittarius, and harmonizes with Venus. On Monday, Mercury enters Sagittarius.

What that means for you: You’re in a funk until Sunday, when suddenly your energy gets jolted and you wanna have fun! If you’re looking for someone to hook up with, be careful–a friend might hit you up to hook up, but unless you’re extremely clear with your intentions, the likelihood of someone getting the wrong idea or catching feels is way high. BUT. Mercury entering Sag on Monday encourages you to develop more intimate connections, and you might decide you both like each other enough to become more than just friends!


What’s happening: There’s a fiery Aries Moon this weekend, until Sunday, when the Moon enters Taurus. Also on Sunday, Neptune squares the Sun and teams up with Venus. On Monday, Mercury enters Sagittarius, and on Wednesday, restrictive Saturn corners Venus in Capricorn.

What that means for you: *deep breath* Okay, Gemini, it’s a crazy week. Tonight and tomorrow is great for going out, having fun, and meeting new people, and you might just run into your next crush, but Sunday? Oh man, Sunday’s astrology is rough. Your boo/crush are acting distant, and it’s making you feel like crap. You’re eager to connect (and, real talk: probs being extra about it) but feeling ignored makes you go insane!!!!! Listen, they’re probably just busy or need alone time, and you pushing their buttons is a surefire way to get into a fight, especially with all the astro action on Wednesday. Luckily, Mercury in Sag (starting Tuesday) is three weeks of communication being way easier with your boo—so just be patient! They’ll come around.


What’s happening: On Sunday, the Moon enters Taurus, and dreamy Neptune links with Venus. On Wednesday, Saturn, planet of blockages, connects with Venus.

What that means for you: You’re busy working for most of the weekend, unfortunately, and by Sunday you’re totally worn out and want nothing more than to be with your boo. It’s not the sexiest astro-weather, TBH, but you can always have a little Netflix and chill sesh while you’re snuggled up with bae if you’re in the mood! Wednesday can go one of two ways: one, you might hit a speedbump in your relationship and get into a bad fight (and maybe even split up, eep!), or two, you decide to get serious about your relation/situationship and take it to the next level. Be honest–how is your love life going right now? Based on that, you can probs predict which way Wednesday’s gonna go.


What’s happening: The Moon is in Aries for most of the weekend! On Sunday, there’s some drama with Neptune and the Sun, but lovely Venus has a pleasant connection to Neptune. Mercury enters Sagittarius on Monday.

What that means for you: This weekend’s all about having fun! Sag season’s vibes make you feel frisky AF, so finding someone sexy to mack on, or spending all night bangin’ your boo, is at the top of your agenda. On Sunday, you might run into some issues in the bedroom—maybe you’re just not connecting physically, or you fall out of the mood in the middle of getting busy—but don’t overreact! It’s super minor, even if it’s supes awk in the moment, so don’t make a big deal of it. You can find other ways to enjoy your time together, and things will get back on track by the end of the week.


What’s happening: There’s a spicy Aries Moon ‘til Sunday, when the Moon enters Taurus. Also on Sunday, the Sun and Neptune square off, while Venus and Neptune harmonize. Venus butts heads with constrictive Saturn on Wednesday.

What that means for you: You’re usually as pokerfaced as they come, but you’re feeling soft and emotional this weekend. Even the quickest of quickies feels super intimate, and you have major feels for anyone you hook up with. You might get with a long-time crush or feel the best chemistry imaginable with someone new, but don’t get too attached—they’re probs not on the same page as you. Unless you know for a fact they’re cool with seeing you more, don’t expect this to become a regular thing. Don’t let this stop you from having fun, tho. Just be sure to clearly communicate your feelings here so there aren’t any heartbreaking misunderstandings later on.


What’s happening: There’s a fiery Aries Moon this weekend until Sunday, when it enters sensual Taurus. On Monday, Mercury enters Sagittarius.

What that means for you: JSYK, there’s work-related dramz happening this weekend. Don’t let it distract you from having fun, though! The Aries Moon makes you feel energetic and ready for action, and finding someone to fool around with is as easy as sliding into your crush’s DMs, especially with Sunday’s sexy astro vibes. When Mercury enters Sag on Monday, you can expect to start making tons of new connections—aka, you’re matching aaallll the hotties on your fave dating apps!


What’s happening: The Moon is in Aries until it enters Taurus on Sunday. Also on Sunday, there’s a rough connection between the Sun and Neptune, and a gentle connection between Venus and Neptune.

What that means for you: Your weekend is dull ’til Sunday, TBH. Sunday’s astro-weather gives you a lovey-dovey type of feeling, and you’re more open and eager to connect with others, which is saying a lot, since you’re usually so not that type of person. Neptune rules emotions, soul-level love, and illusions, and plays a huge role in this week’s horoscope. It’s dissolving emotional boundaries between yourself and others, so hooking up with anyone makes your little Scorpio heart latch onto them tight, and you become attached in an instant. Keep that in mind before inviting a one-night-stand home—you act tough, but you’re super sensitive deep down, so catching feels for your fling (who isn’t looking for anything real rn) isn’t wise.


What’s happening: There’s an Aries Moon for most of the weekend, and on Monday, Mercury enters your sign! On Tuesday, the Moon enters Gemini, and on Wednesday.

What that means for you: HBD! Sagittarius season is finally starting to pick up its pace with the fiery Aries Moon pumping up your confidence and libido this weekend, so finding someone sexy to treat you to some birthday sex is a breeze! Communicating clearly hasn’t been easy, with Mercury in Scorpio for the past couple months, but on Monday it enters your sign, giving you a sense of mental clarity and you finally feel heard again. That, plus Tuesday’s Gemini Moon, make this week perfect for asking out your crush, upgrading your situationship into something more serious, or having any kind of important talks with your boo.


What’s happening: After being in Aries for most of the weekend, the Moon enters Taurus on Sunday. Also on Sunday, the Sun squares off with Neptune, and Venus teams up with Neptune.

What that means for you: You’re probs just taking it easy this weekend…that is, until Sunday, when there’s a massive shift in energy. You’re feeling more open to romance and turn into a total softie, and you’re also feeling pretty GD horny, so finding someone to satisfy your urges is your main priority. If you’re already seeing someone, this astro-weather is amazing for getting down, but if you’re just hooking up or crushing on someone, make sure to think before you speak. You’re feeling *super* emotional and might let something slip or say too much (like accidentally texting “ily lol” to someone after a first date) that you’ll regret later.


What’s happening: The Moon is in Aries for most of the weekend, and on Sunday, Venus in Capricorn creates a link with dreamy Neptune in Pisces. Mercury flies into Sagittarius on Monday.

What that means for you: It’s a busy weekend! All the hotties are sliding into your DMs, you and your boo are together (or at least texting) as much as you can, and you’re feeling pretty swell. If you’re in a relationship, Sunday’s astro vibe is great for having alone time with your boo and getting seriously intimate and romantic (like rose-petals-on-the-bed-level romance), but if you’re single? Not so much. You’re feeling like you have no one to love, or no one that loves you, and it’s easy to take those feelings and try to resolve them by just hooking up with someone, even though you know that’s not really the case. Sit with your feelings and feel them. Mercury in Sagittarius is great for making new connections and finding someone you actually like to be with—don’t settle for less!


What’s happening: The Moon is in Aries this weekend. On Sunday, it moves into Taurus, and Venus has a lovely connection with Neptune.

What that means for you: Your weekend doesn’t really pick up until Sunday, Pisces. On Sunday, you’re feeling more alert and talkative, so hitting up your latest dating app match or making plans with your crush is a smart move. The astrology of this weekend isn’t really that sexy (sorry) but more romantic and dreamy. If you’re trying to make a move on someone you really like, go for it! But if you’re just trying to get involved in a booty call type situation, you won’t have much luck.

Source: Cosmopolitan


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