You won’t BELIEVE how many calories men and women burn during sex


HAVE you ever wondered how much fat you’re burning off in bed? Here we reveal all…

BURNING HOT: You won’t believe how much calories you lose during sex

Whether it’s cutting back on chocolates or hitting the gym more regularly, us Brits get obsessed with weight-loss at this time of year.

But if you knew how much weight you were shifting during sex, you might opt to stay in instead.

Men burn more calories during sex than women – but it’s a great cardio workout for both sexes.

Lads can even burn more calories in the bedroom than from other forms of exercise.

“Anything that exercises your heart is good for you, including sex”


And they seem to expend a lot more energy than women during sex, which is good news for their waistlines.

According to a study at the University of Quebec in Montreal, blokes can burn up to 306.1 calories during intercourse.

That is the equivalent of a medium baked potato with sour cream, salsa and a side of melon.

SEX: Intercourse is a great cardio workout for both sexes

Scientists who conducted the research said: “Interestingly, the highest range value achieved by men for absolute energy expenditure than potentially be higher than that of the mean energy expenditure of the 30 min exercise session (i.e. 306 vs 276 kCal, respectively) whereas this was not observed in women.”

The findings also revealed men will burn 101 calories during sex on average, while women burn 69 calories.

And if that’s not a good enough reason to bonk more, the NHS claims sex can be good for your heart.

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The website reads: “Anything that exercises your heart is good for you, including sex.

“Sexual arousal sends the heart rate higher and the number of beats per minute reaches its peak during orgasm.”

But don’t get too excited, as the NHS concluded: “But, as with most exercise, it depends how vigorously you do it.

“Some studies show the average peak heart rate at orgasm is the same as during night exercise, such as walking upstairs.

“That’t not enough to keep most people fit and healthy.”

So if you fancy getting steamy with your partner, morning sex is believed to be the best option for your health.