Women claim bizarre new technique is the BEST way to orgasm


THEIR partners are equally pleased with the intensity of the pleasure.

Women claim bizarre new technique is the BEST way to orgasm

OOOH-MG: are saying this is the best way to ensure intense

Women are claiming that a sensual act has given them the “best orgasms” of their lives.

Yoni massaging, which involves the intimate touching of the , is said to boost the sensitivity of the area.

Surprisingly, the tantric practice doesn’t always have to be used to bring someone to climax – but it’s a very welcome side-effect.

Anonymous posters have taken to Reddit to reveal their for the massaging.

While the treatment is often carried out by professionals, some blokes have scored brownie points by learning the technique themselves.

It involves performing a body rub down, before paying close attention to the erogenous zones and vagina.

Apparently, it can help to relax the mind and body, soothe anxiety, boost your sexual energy and improve orgasms.

Reddit users have declared their love for yoni massaging.

A man, who had mastered the sex method, said: “After a few times, I can say it’s the most intense sexual experience I’ve had, and she was totally spent afterwards.

“Glowing from the . An hour and a half sweaty wet massage will do that.

“Not to mention it’s built trust and intimacy faster.”

Another added: “It’s a life changer. My last gf was so overwhelmed she said it’s raised the bar on what she thought sexual pleasure was.”

As well as chaps feeling smug that they’ve got their girlfriends off, women couldn’t give the technique enough praise.

One said: “The sex is sensual, and not goal oriented. Your connection with your is what is . Of course it is also very pleasurable.”

A second Redditor remarked: “My fiancé and I have done this. Hands down, I think they were our top two sex sessions of all time.”

With so many people declaring their love for the sex trend, it’s no surprise that others mentioned wanting to try it out for themselves.

A commenter said: “Something I have recently been fantasising about receiving.”

Another agreed: “I’ve wanted to ask my boyfriend for one of these since I first read an article about it, but I’m shy because it does sound time consuming.”

Source: dailystar.co.uk