Woman exposes stranger’s affair on Facebook – now everyone’s trying to find his wife


When you’re standing in a queue, it’s difficult not to eavesdrop on the people next to you.

Woman exposes stranger's affair on Facebook - now everyone's trying to find his wife

They’ll think twice before in public again

One woman claims she got more than she bargained in a petrol station when she overheard details of a sordid affair – and decided to post them on Facebook in an attempt to shame the cheater.

In her public appeal to the man’s wife (from which we’ve removed all mention of locations), she wrote: “If your husbands called Neil, went to work in an un ironed shirt this morning and your flying to ***** on Saturday… (sic)

“He’s currently stood getting coffee (3 sugars) in a petrol station in ******* with ‘Mrs Smith’ should I say…planning a night with her in the Premier Inn near **** tonight.

“He’s going to tell you he’s working in ***** and can’t get back.”

Woman exposes stranger's affair on Facebook - now everyone's trying to find his wife

It’s had over 25,000 shares


She ends the post: “Have a good day Neil’s wife and buy wine!”

The post has since been shared over 25,000 times by people keen to let Neil’s wife know about his duplicitous ways.

One commenter said: “Here’s hoping Neil’s wife is already sick of her and has found her own Mr Smith for tonight!!”

A Facebook user shared it, saying: “Let’s catch this b*****d.” while another wrote: “What a b*****d, hope he gets what’s coming to him. Good luck wife.”

Other amused youngsters (presumably with fathers called Neil) shared it to their pages and joked: “Dad? What have you been up to!”

With the post only set to get even more shares, it’s looking likely that Neil’s wife is going to find out about this from social media.

Good luck, Neil. You’ve got some explaining to do.


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