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In the year of our lord 2019, it’s highly probable that at some point you have come across the word “thot,” which is shorthand for “That Ho Over There.” The original definition was popularized in Chief Keef’s 2012 song, “Aimed at You,” which features the lyrics:

“But them bullets hit you hot, show no love for a thot.”

Since then, it’s become a popular slang term, appearing in songs and Instagram comments and captions galore. In a 2014 Complex interview, Duan Gaines, who has produced videos for Chief Keef, recounts hearing the word in 2012 and thinking it was catchy. Honestly, it is catchy. And the fact that it sounds exactly like “thought” makes it ripe for puns—thot leader, anyone? But it’s also misogynistic. No woman should be shamed for being “thotty,” aka liking sex and being vocal about it. Some have also pointed out the term denigrates women based on race and class.

But times have changed since 2012, and it’d be nice if the world could grow up and leave misogynistic acronyms in the time capsule they belong in. Therefore, I, a humble servant of English slang with access to ye olde scribes of online Scrabble dictionaries, submit these acronyms to take its place instead. Honestly, don’t be surprised when you start using all of these several times a day—they’re that universal.

1. Their Hair Operates Theatrically

ex. “I’m so jealous of her. Can you say THOT?”

2. Trying Here Okay, Tea

      An expression of exasperation. Akin to saying something like, “Yeah obviously, back off.”

      ex. “If I knew where I left my keys, I’d look there first. Seriously, thot.”

      3. Tina’s Hardcover Omitted That

          Specifically in reference to a hardcover version of Ms. Tina Fey’s Bossypants.

          ex. “I thought I knew everything about Tina Fey’s years at SNL, but I guess thot.”

          4. That Helpful Octogenarian There

          ex. “I almost couldn’t find the Brussels sprouts, if not for the THOT in produce!”


          You definitely have an Ordning in your kitchen.


          5. The Handy Ordning There

          ex. “I start my mornings with a cup of coffee and a heaping pile of self-doubt while staring emptily at my countertop THOT borne of mass-produced catalog nightmares.”

          6. The Handwritten Oceanographer’s Treasure

          ex. “I’m trying to get Pixar to buy my Nemo prequel, Finding THOT, starring Nemo’s great-great-grandfather who gets lost on a deep sea treasure hunt.”

          7. Taylor’s Homemade Oracle Tee

          ex. “My high school bully shared a think piece on THOTs and Taylor’s #SquadGoals on Facebook today.”


          Big Machine

          8. The Handsome Orange There

          ex.Don’t eat THOTs—even if their clothes are handsome!

          9. Tampa’s Hallowed Outback Table

          ex. “There are four Outback Steakhouses in Tampa, but only the one on Henderson Blvd is home to the best booth of all, the THOT.”

          10. Testing Her Offline Texts

          ex. “She thought she blocked her ex, but thanks to THOT, she realized she had to block him separately on her desktop iMessage too.”

          11. Try-Hard Optimistic Timing

          ex. “According to my watch, if I plan to leave around 6:45 THOT, I’ll get to the party at the same time as the host.”

          12. Taxicab Heaping Olive Treats

          ex. “THOT, the Cash Cab–like show where you win olives instead of money, coming this fall to CBS!”

          13. Taste Handmade Oxygen Tablets

          ex. “Otherwise known as breathing, I need to be able to THOT or I’ll die.”

      Source: Cosmopolitan


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