What Christmas presents really say about your relationship


They say a picture paints a thousand words – and the same applies to gifts. As you shop for Christmas presents for your partner, unconscious feelings and motivations drive your choices.

That means the gift you receive gives you clues about what your partner’s thinking.

One study which looked at giving between partners over a 10-year period of their , showed that in the first few years the gifts were rated as being highly in tune with what the receiver actually wanted. Sadly for many , the longer they were together, the less meaningful gifts became.

Whether you’re a new couple or an established one, presents are one part of the puzzle to your emotional connection. So if you find one of these favourites under the Christmas tree is what it reveals:

Expensive, sophisticated jewellery like an elegant pearl or diamond pendant

This partner reveals a very traditional and quite serious side to their personality. They take you seriously and it’s unlikely you ever feel neglected. You probably find they’re steady and responsible by nature.

They think carefully about investing their time and energy. They’ve thought carefully about you and they want to invest that time and energy. They might expect you both to fulfil traditional roles – so be aware of this if you have a non-traditional streak.

TORY & KO What Christmas presents really say about your relationship
Pearls reveal a lot

Aftershave/male grooming products

This is significant of a relationship that’s still in the full flush chemistry. It reveals she is attracted to him and expects a full on relationship. It can signal that she’s sexually confident, too, and wants her needs met.

But heaven help the man who has poor personal hygiene, because this is a big hint from her: sort it out now is the message!

Naming a star or dedicating a tree to you in a framed certificate

This gift shows just how much of an incurable your partner is. They probably put you on a pedestal. You can really count on this partner. This choice of an eternally lasting gift reveals a deep need to show just how important their love for you is. They’re likely to make frequent gestures.

However, this partner might find it hard to conflict. True romantics tend to sweep issues under the carpet. They don’t like their romantic world dented by hurdles that all couples . If it’s very early in your relationship, this gift might be a bit creepy.

What Christmas presents really say about your relationship
This is a good sign

Sexy lingerie including baby nighties and silky wraps

This reveals a true passion for you. They see you as a bit of a goddess and as a sensual woman with many levels to your personality.

They want to indulge you and that includes in the bedroom. Expect some red-hot loving!

They might take sex pretty seriously and have the skills to thrill you. The only potential drawback is if it’s very early in your relationship. Then it might be a bit presumptuous of them to think you’re ready for such red-hot passion.

Everyday underwear such as classic Bridget Jones plain pants

As far as your partner’s concerned, giving you this gift suggests sexual intimacy has been lost. They’re not focused on the sexual side of you – yet we all have many sides to our nature. On the flipside, they might have a practical streak and are, for example, great around the house and good with things like budgeting.

Feelings might have drifted into the platonic zone. If you also feel this way about sex, that’s fine. Otherwise you may become increasingly frustrated with the lack of sexual intimacy.

An unexpected pet such as a puppy, kitten, tropical fish or anything requiring a lot of love and care

Who doesn’t love a cute little puppy, kitten or exotic tropical fish? But if you haven’t asked for one, this potentially displays ignorance about you from your partner.

After all, you have a busy life and no time to care for a pet. They probably have an impulsive streak, making snap decisions across your relationship.

Getty What Christmas presents really say about your relationship
Tropical Fish in Tank

However, the underlying meaning behind this gift is heartfelt. They mean well by it and they do adore you. Ultimately an unwanted pet reveals lack of empathy for what your life’s really like. The saying holds true: a dog isn’t just for Christmas. And your partner might end up in the doghouse with this choice of gift!

Tickets to see something you love like your favourite band, show or celebrity

This partner is enthusiastic about your relationship. Their gift reveals how much they care about what you like. They want to show you a good time and they try hard.

They probably also have a spontaneous side within your relationship that keeps things lively.

Beware if you don’t share the same level of thoughtfulness in your gift to them – this type of partner will take it hard.

A domestic appliance like a vacuum cleaner

This reveals a lack of imagination that might permeate your whole relationship. There’s no more spontaneity and this partner shows things have got very pragmatic. I once received a Hoover for Christmas in one relationship and it was certainly a nail in its coffin!

Of course, if you’ve asked for an iron or a blender it shows your partner listens to you. They’re probably straightforward and uncomplicated in your relationship. It’s the icing on the cake if they get you what you’ve asked for, plus a fun/imaginative little gift on the side. Otherwise this could flag up the start of general neglect within your relationship.

What Christmas presents really say about your relationship
Woman holding steaming iron

A powerdrill or toolkit

Although dedicated to the relationship, it may be a stage where sexual chemistry is not on her mind. Instead she may be in a nest-building relationships stage.

It also reveals she has a straightforward personality and is probably easy to relate to. But this could be tricky for a man who doesn’t want to constantly be at the DIY!

Tickets to see something they love such as their favourite sports team, car show or technology event

This might reveal that your partner is the eternal optimist who hopes you’ll end up loving their football team, their favourite band, etc. But it’s more likely to reveal that they are slightly self-centred.

Plus they might take you for granted assuming you just like whatever they do. This partner might encourage you to do your own thing and be yourself – and that’s
a positive.

But overall they may well place their needs above yours across the rest of your relationship.

A cuddly toy, such as a fluffy puppy, teddy bear or even something from a movie like Frozen

This partner is forever youthful but may be a bit immature. They’re affectionate and lovable. They can be quite playful in your relationship and make small romantic gestures.

They’re basically good at turning any old thing like a walk in the park into something a bit more fun.

Watch out for the fact this partner may also be the type who needs lots of attention and fussing over.

A new golf club or football boots

Sportswear or sports equipment reveals she is very thoughtful about her man’s needs and it shows she is really into his masculinity. She may be quite traditional in her approach to relationships. So she expects him to be a manly man. That’s too bad for the guy who doesn’t like to play a traditional role.


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