Week of Wow (Day 2)


Week of Wow (Day 2)

Week of Wow – Day 2

A True Erotic Confession…

The next day of the conference was busy as expected, and my wife had lots to do to get caught up on being weeks away from home.  I would have to settle for the occasional distractions throughout the conference sessions where I drifted into my imagination and remembered our previous day’s activities.  Even though it would just be the following day that I would be returning home, it began to seem like an eternity since I had the opportunity to enjoy and feel my wife’s spectacular body.  We were both resigned to the fact that this day would see us head off to bed without a repeat of the previous night.

At 4 a.m., I awoke with a morning wood unlike any I have recently experienced.  I proceeded to the bathroom in hopes that a bladder release would calm down the situation, but nothing seemed to simmer down the situation.  In spite of my desire to hold off until I returned home later that day, my cock was in such an aroused state that I needed a release if I had ANY hopes of returning to sleep.  Immediately, I replayed in my mind the earlier sessions of the week (detailed in Day 1) as the source material for my masturbatory pleasure.  With the room dark, I removed my underwear, took my hand and tended to my swollen member that was screaming for attention.  We have recently been sharing back and forth erotica we have found online – so I proceeded to open up a recent story that she had sent to me and began envisioning us as the lead characters in the story.  Alternating between focusing on the story and focusing on my cock, I continued to masturbate for nearly twenty minutes until my release was imminent, at which point I stood up, closed my eyes, and fantasized about my wife whom I would be with in only a few hours until ropes of semen shot out of my hardened cock.  I cleaned myself off and lowered my naked body into the bed with hopes of grabbing a few more hours of sleep prior to a long day of conference and travel.


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