V-Day Date Ideas Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Wellllllllll, it’s that time of year again! When some couples go through the motions, yet dramatically proclaim affection on social media. When singles go into existential panic. When exes send the “u up?” text but they don’t actually miss you, they’re just lonely. It’s Valentine’s Day, y’all.

Obvs, you don’t need the excuse of V-Day to plan a date-night. But listen, this year the stars are truly on one, so you could use a little extra help when it comes to figuring out what to do on the big night. Trust me. So here’s a definitive list of the best date spots according to your (or your boo’s) zodiac sign. Good luck out there, bbs!

ARIES: Arcade

The fiery spring Aries loves a challenge and gets turned on by competition. But that energy doesn’t need to cause dramz, it can be used to turn up the heat! Work as a team or go head-to-head. Either way, you’ll both enjoy the spark.

TAURUS: Pretty much anything outside

Taurus are ruled by Venus, which means they are natural romantics, and as an Earth Sign, they feel their most chill in nature. Sooo, go for a hike! Or watch the sunset with some rosé. The intimacy and postcard setting will allow Taurus to feel vulnerable and sensitive.

GEMINI: Bowling

Gems crave lots of stimulation on a date and love conversation. A bowling alley allows the two of you to flit around while letting the chatty flow bring you closer. Oh, and the Gems will love the light competition because they can show their sass and sweetness.

CANCER: Food Truck Park

Cancers are sensual, sensitive, and…hungry. They show their affection through food, so don’t be a picky eater and taste, ahem, everything.

LEO: Comedy Show

Leos love a stage, ya know? Surprise them with tickets and watch them roar (get it??) with laughter. Oh, and it doesn’t matter if the standup isn’t actually funny—Leos enjoy experiences that unite you.

VIRGO: Museum

Intellectual Virgo is ~fascinated~ by history. They analyze everything to better understand it, so a museum is an exciting date prospect for them. Not only will you be able to explore time, but you will also learn more about each other.

LIBRA: A Fancy AF dinner

Luxurious and elegant Libra is ruled by Venus, planet of love and beauty—this is why they are always such ~hopeless~ romantics! They want to live a fairytale love story, so pull out *all* of the stops and take them to a decadent dinner. Indulge in a special night by getting dressed up and setting reservations—the extra effort will sweep a Libra off their feet, trust!

SCORPIO: Piano Bar

Scorps crave intensity in their relationships and enjoy a bit of mystery at times (ahem: sometimes expressed as drama; don’t worry, we still love you). This is why the dark and moody feel of a piano bar will allow them to cuddle in close to their boo while enjoying the atmosphere. Or, you know, a haunted house.


Sag craves spontaneity and drama, which is why a sports thing is perf for them. All that enthusiasm? Total turn on. Bonus: So! Much! Screaming!

CAPRICORN: Table service at the clurb

Power and success = the way to a Cap’s heart. Surround yourselves with overpriced bottles of vodka covered in sparkler for peak vibes. And of course there better be photos so everyone else can watch with envy. Jealousy is a disease, get well soon!

AQUARIUS: House-party

What better way to get to an Aquarius than by hanging with their ride-or-dies? The sooner their pals approve of you, the sooner you can assure your place in their crew. Aquarians want not just a lover, but also a bestie.

PISCES: One of those sip and [insert craft here] nights

Watch how you open the heart of this mushy sign by creating something together. Not only will you have a keepsake from your date, but the event will allow this sweet soul to express them self even more easily around you.

Source: Cosmopolitan


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