The Art Of Kissing, Part 3 – Extras and Outtakes


The Art Of , Part 3 – Extras and Outtakes

The Art Of Kissing, Part 3 - Extras and Outtakes The Art Of Kissing, Part 3 - Extras and Outtakes

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  • is the only authorized DVD edition of William Cane’s classic. It will teach you to kiss like the book never could – by showing you each kiss on screen. What could be easier! All you have to do is watch, and you’ll learn to do thirty different romantic kisses, including lip-o-suction, the Trobriand Islands kiss, the french kiss, and more. Keep reading for all the details. We have discontinued the VHS videos because everything has been transferred in high digital quality to the DVD, and then some!

    The Art Of Kissing, Part 3 - Extras and OuttakesTHE ART OF KISSING DVD CONTENTS

    – HOW TO KISS teaches you thirty different romantic kisses
    1. How to act on a date
    2. How to flirt
    3. How to tell if someone wants to be kissed
    4. How to get boys to kiss you, how to get to kiss you, should you wear lipstick
    5. The first kiss
    6. The lip kiss
    7. The shy kiss
    8. How to practice a kiss
    9. Should you kiss with your eyes open or closed
    10. The kiss
    11. The kiss
    12. The laughing kiss
    13. The eye kiss
    14. The biting kiss
    15. What to do with your hands
    16. The A-frame mistake
    17. The make-up kiss
    18. The ear kiss
    19. The phone kiss
    20. The neck kiss
    21. The eskimo kiss
    22. The electric kiss
    23. The candy kiss
    24. The sliding kiss
    25. The wet kiss
    26. The hollywood kiss
    27. Bad boys
    28. Kissing sessions, or How to make out
    29. Lip-o-suction
    30. The teasing kiss
    31. The butterfly kiss
    32. The public kiss
    33. The music kiss
    34. The upside-down kiss
    35. The vacuum kiss
    36. The french kiss (also treated in more detail in )
    37. The trobriand islands kiss
    38. The car kiss
    39. Kissing advice – how to give a hickey
    40. Credits

    Part 2 – HOW TO FRENCH KISS shows you how to do the most exciting kiss of all
    1. What is a french kiss
    2. What can go wrong during a french kiss
    3. How to practice a french kiss
    4. Why does a french kiss feel good
    5. How do I get boys to french kiss me
    6. How do I get boys to stop french kissing me
    7. How do I get girls to french kiss me
    8. What can I do with my tongue
    9. What are some tricks I can do while french kissing
    10. How should I move my hands while french kissing
    11. How should I snuggle while french kissing
    12. How should a french kiss last
    13. How can I improve my french kisses

    Part 3 – Extras and Outtakes including four kisses not available on video
    1. The androgynous kiss
    2. The spanking kiss
    3. The lip kiss (detailed advanced version)
    4. The hand kiss
    5. At the corral
    6. Jessica gets hit in the head by the camera
    7. William Cane’s books
    8. Original trailer for HOW TO KISS
    9. Original trailer for HOW TO FRENCH KISS


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