Strawberries and Sex


Strawberries and Sex

Strawberries and Sex

Because of its heart shape, red colour and abundance of external seeds, the succulent strawberry has long been associated with love, sensuality and fertility. Greek mythology places the origins of the wild strawberry with the Goddess Aphrodite who, upon the death of the beautiful but mortal Adonis wept with such passion that her tears fell to the ground as tiny red hearts.  In Roman mythology, Venus, the Goddess of Love was often symbolized by the strawberry because of its shape and nipple-red colour.

A strawberry in your dreams is said to mean that you are ripe with desire and sex could be expected. Legend has it that should you break a double strawberry in half and share it with a member of the opposite sex, the two of you will fall in love. In provincial France, newlyweds were traditionally served cold strawberry soup as an aphrodisiac – folklore that has since been proven to have a solid scientific base.

 According to nutritional science, the seeds of the strawberry contain high levels of zinc, the nutrient most often associated with sex because it boosts testosterone – that lovely hormone that fires up the sex drive in both men and women. In addition to being incredibly rich in vitamin C, folic acid and fibre, strawberries are also a good source of potassium, iron and even contain omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients help to increase blood flow to the sexual organs that is essential for sexual arousal and responsiveness.  And since strawberries have the lowest glycemic index of any fruit, they provide lovers with sustained energy levels at only a few calories.

Visually appealing, delicious and packed with sexual nutrients, no wonder strawberries are considered one of the world’s most erotic foods.

8 Mouthwatering Ways to Use Strawberries in Sexual Play

1. Add a luxurious, romantic touch to your next sexual encounter with the addition of strawberries and champagne. Chill the champagne for a few hours before opening. Gather a small bowl of cleaned ripe strawberries and two champagne glasses. Place just one berry in each glass and pour the bubbly to the rim. Toast each other and enjoy slowly sipping your cocktail. When the glasses are empty, pick up your strawberry and seductively feed it to your partner.

2. Bring a bowl of fresh strawberries to bed. Have you and your lover alternate eating them as sensuously as possible. Nibble and suck each succulent strawberry as if it were your partner’s body, showing one another how you like to be stimulated.

3. Blindfold your partner and feed them strawberries dipped in whipped cream or dip them in dark chocolate to double the aphrodisiac properties.

4. Place a strawberry in your lover’s belly button. Lick it and then, holding it with your lips, glide the juicy fruit up their body to tease their nipples and then down to titillate their genitals.

5. Bite into a strawberry and then use the juice to paint a pleasure trail all over your naked body for your partner to follow using only their tongue. Remember to include those sensitive zones like your neck, earlobes and inner thighs.

6. For the unabashed woman, insert a strawberry into your vagina and invite your lover to retrieve using only his mouth.

7. Chew a strawberry slightly before orally worshipping your man’s love muscle. He will love the dual sensation of your tongue and the bits of fruit rubbing against his shaft.

8. Mash up a few strawberries in a bowl to use as a tasty lubricant. ♥

“Her lips are like strawberries which tickles my taste buds every time, making me to kiss her red lips every time.”  ~ Vishal Antapurkar


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