Sex Positions Based on Your Mood



If you’re tired AF but still horny:

The Minimalist

Lie facedown and spread your legs a little so your partner can penetrate you from behind (a pillow under your hips can help with the angling). Put your hand or, for maximum laziness, a buzzy toy under you and hump it as they pump you. Maximum f*ckery, minimal effort. A perfect pre-nap romp!

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If you have MAJOR feels for each other rn:

The Lovebird

Sit on your partner’s lap for a sexy face-to-face position so you can gaze into each other’s eyes, share long, soulful kisses, and take your time paying attention to every sweet detail. (Random science-y thing: If you whisper something sexy into their right ear, they’ll be more responsive.) Hold your partner’s gaze as you ride through your orgasm for an incredibly intense bonding experience.


If you’re bored with your go-to moves:


Bust out the wheelbarrow position, or at least try to. Hold yourself on your hands or elbows while your partner stands behind you, holding your legs. Can you do it? Maybe? And if you’re digging the deep penetration but your arms aren’t, continue by moving to the edge of the bed with a stack of pillows under your hips, your legs hanging over the edge, and your partner penetrating from behind.


If you need to de-stress:

The Wednesday Wind-Down

Lie back and have your partner edge the hell out of you. Let them tease you with their mouth, hands, and a toy (or a few!), bringing you just to the brink of orgasm but not letting you go over the edge till they’re good and ready (handcuffs optional here). Because anticipating an orgasm is a lot more fun than anticipating an email from your boss.


If you’re the thirstiest you’ve ever felt:

The Total Flex

Get primal by sitting on your partner’s lap, spreading your legs wide, and riding them. Super visual and hot—you can both watch yourselves take every inch. No penis around? Sit the same way and let them behold the raw glory of you masturbating for them.

Source: Cosmopolitan


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