Secrets To Having A Better Sex Life, According To Science


If you want to have more fun in the bedroom, you should try helping out more in the kitchen.

Yup, housework is the to a better life, because apparently cleaning is a complete turn-on.

A new study has shown that those who share the household chores have more frequent and satisfying sex.

who did a large amount housework didn’t necessarily have more sex, rather it’s all to do with with how fairly it’s distributed between the .

Out of the 1,228 German involved over a five year period, both the men and who perceived they were doing an equal amount of housework in the reported having more satisfying sex.

Dr Johnson, the lead author of the study, explained: ‘In any relationship, the amount of housework is going to mean something different based on the couple’s context, based on their own expectations for what each should be doing, and their comparison levels of what happens with other couples they know.’

He added: ‘Men are likely to experience more frequent and satisfying for both partners between the sheets when they simply do their fair share.’

Basically, get cleaning those sheets if you want a better time underneath them.

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