Is it ‘pathetic’ to cry during sex? People reveal why they sob in the sack


HAVE you ever let your emotions get the better of you in the bedroom?

Is it 'pathetic' to cry during sex? People reveal why they sob in the sack

SEXUAL FEELING: Redditors discuss getting emotional between the sheets

Apparently, it’s fairly common for both men and women to shed a tear during or after a romp.

Whether it’s down to the post-sex blues, or becoming overwhelmed by pleasure, crying in the bedroom can confuse couples.

A revealing Reddit thread revealed why intimate crying can be so baffling.

Some commenters confessed that they would be freaked out if their partner burst into tears.

One said: “Crying is generally associated with unpleasantness by an awful lot of people.”

Another agreed: “The first time a girl cries from sex I cannot fathom a reason to think a guy would think its because of something good. Well… a decent guy anyway lol.”

Others opened up about their experiences of getting emotional in the sack.

But sadly, not everyone’s partners were take kindly to the blubbering reaction.

An anonymous poster admitted: “I’ve done it myself too a couple years back. If I was having a bad week, I’d just be too overwhelmed with joy.

“My partner at the time was normally caring, but sometimes he expressed annoyance and it definitely made me ashamed.”

Another said: “I feel bad every time I cry because it freaks my partner out, then he feels like shit because he thinks he did something wrong and the mood is shattered.”

Thankfully, some Redditors were on hand to explain why sobbing in the bedroom can be so normal.

One said: ”I’ve only cried after sex for two reasons. An incredible orgasm, or because I was upset/felt used. Tears cover a full spectrum of emotions.”

Another added: “There isn’t anything wrong with it. Just overwhelmed by the feel goods, most guys would be pretty proud of that.”Recently, people were horrified when a chap asked for advice on his girlfriend’s “disgusting fetish”.

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