Outdoor Winter Sex


When you fantasize about getting it on with your girl outside, you imagine beaches or road trips that lead to hot and steamy action. You’re probably not thinking about having hot sex in the dead of the winter, when blue balls isn’t just an analogy, but a reality.

Outdoor Winter Sex

But before you settle for boring only-in-the-bedroom sexcapes until spring is here, take a note from a few sex experts who swear that sometimes that steamiest sex is actually had when it’s freezing.

To Be Honest, It Can Be Complicated
Unlike with warmer temperatures, the colder climate can cause a lot of normally easy things to go wrong. Sex therapist Vanessa Marin warns, “Being cold makes it hard to get an erection, and the frigid air can dry up vaginal lubrication. Plus, you can get frostbite on other areas of your body if you’re distracted by the sex you’re having!” However, part of the fun of getting it on in the winter is that you have to work together to create a novel experience for the both of you. So what’s the trick to keeping it sexy? Marin says to think practical — and no pun intended — as easy as possible: “The best thing to do is keep as many of your clothes on as possible. Wear a skirt with crotchless tights or leggings, to give him easy access,” she says. “He can simply pull his penis through his fly without having to completely undress.” If you need a bit of liquid courage, Dr. Kat Van Kirk, clinical sexologist, author and therapist suggests taking a shot of peppermint schnapps or Fireball to warm you up before the act.

Get Creative With Location
An easy idea for your first chilly sex adventure is to make it part of a winter vacation. “Do activities to increase blood circulation like cross-country skiing or snowshoeing to whatever location you choose,” Dr. Kirk advises. Then after you have your heart racing, sneak off into a location off the main slopes and have a quickie. If winter sports aren’t really your thing, opt for an hot tub, suggests Marin. “The juxtaposition of the hot water with the cold air is incredibly exciting,” she says. Or make an fire pit in your backyard and pull over lawn chairs. Then she can straddle you while the flames get higher and warmer. Another awesome option? . Pull over in a place where you’ll be secluded and turn off the heat so you can challenge each other to the windows just with your own friction.

Make Sure You’re
There are many, many places and ways to get in an in the winter, even outdoors. But all experts agree — make the sex fast and dirty, and keep an eye out for signs of frostbite. Dr. Kirk also suggests never going out too far away from the main road, especially in snowy or icy conditions. Dress as warm as you can and keep your clothes off only for a short period of time. You can always continue the action inside, if you’re both really turned on. But another thing all experts also agree on? It is worth a shot: “The cold against your body can force your nipples to constrict and your skin to goose dimple, creating brand new sensations,” Dr. Kirk says. “Plus you have bragging rights when it comes to outdoor sex in freezing weather.”


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