Oral Sex is Not Foreplay


Oral Sex is Not Foreplay

is Not

Using your mouth to stimulate your partner’s genitals is considered one of the most intimate acts between lovers.  Women and men find it incredibly pleasurable – both as givers and receivers.  It will often bring a partner to orgasm when other methods cannot.  And contrary to the opinions of numerous sexperts and one former US president, orally pleasuring is indeed sex and not merely a method of foreplay.

Foreplay, by definition, consists of those intimate emotional and physical interactions between two (or more) individuals meant to generate sexual desire and arousal. Its entire purpose is to entice and excite one another sexually BEFORE the genitals are touched.

Since foreplay is about building sexual interest without the inclusion of genital contact, it can begin the moment we open our eyes in the morning and last the entire day. Depending on our partner’s erotic preferences, foreplay can include any of the following stimulation.

Foreplay Cues

Visual Cues – sending provocative photos, a striptease performance, the wearing of sexually suggestive clothing or creating an intimate, or sensually appealing atmosphere are all ways we can visually arouse our lover.

Verbal Cues – compliments, subtle innuendo, flirting, teasing and intimate conversations either in person or by phone are all forms of verbal foreplay.

Behavioural Cues – a seductive smile or wink, suggestive postures, gestures and movements, licking or biting of one’s lips, eye gazing and entering inside a lover’s personal space can convey sexual intent and raise a lover’s libido.     

Physical Cues – the touching, , licking or sensual biting of non-genital erogenous zones as well as hugging, cuddling or the removal of a lover’s clothing are all physical ways that we can engage in foreplay.

Ultimately, the point of foreplay is to provoke sexual arousal in our partner. Oral sex, however, is like intercourse or anal sex. It is a means to quench our desire. If foreplay is the appetizer then sex – including oral sex- is the main course. And while oral pleasuring our partner’s genitals may be a sexual act in and of itself, it can also be a transitional activity. Like when we change sex positions during lovemaking.  The key to remember is that whatever way we choose to stimulate our partner’s genitals –   manually, orally or with our own genitals – it is always more successful and satisfying when foreplay is first achieved.

So perhaps if people stopped thinking of oral sex as foreplay and instead recognized it as the intimate sexual act that it is, they would not only enjoy it more, they may be more inclined to acquire the patience, precision and skill required to do it well. ♥


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