Man gives wife long list of ‘rules’ in bid to change her ‘messy bathroom habits’


The wrote a lengthy list of requests after becoming frustrated with their messy bathroom

Man gives wife long list of 'rules' in bid to change her 'messy bathroom habits'A frustrated thought his wife’s bathroom habits so annoying he decided to leave a lengthy list of ‘rules’ on the for her to find.

The plumber, from Brisbane in Australia, claims his wife Rosie’s bathroom habits are so upsetting that he’s been suffering from ‘Bathroom Surprise Anxiety’.

In retaliation, the man asked his wife to stop ‘leaving the lid off the toothpaste, stop using his razor, refrain from taking his toiletries, and to avoid dropping towels on the floor.’

“I thought the idea of twin vanities in, meant we got our own – you know, His and Hers,” he wrote.

“Why is it then, that my vanity basin has become a permanent storage container for your make-up brushes, bottles, lipsticks and whatever other ‘girl-magic’ you practise?”

The unnamed husband added: “You have drawers and I have one. Do you have some sort of draw FOMO that incites you to invade my drawer?”

After this, the plumber listed a number of key points, including ‘flushing the toilet’.

Another, titled ‘Toothpaste’, posed the question: “How effing hard is it to put the lid back on the tube so that when the next person (i.e. me) comes along to use it it’s not dry and congealed like roadkill.

“If I didn’t love you quite so much I may just be tempted to sabotage the toothpaste with some foreign matter (up to your imagination) to teach you a lesson.”

The man – who some might think laid it on a little hard – goes on to accuse his wife of believing in a ‘bin fairy’. By the header, ‘Deodorant’, he said: “Three words: Use your own.”

The man is a little more polite later on in his rant. He also wrote: “I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH. PLEASE CHANGE YOUR BATHROOM HABITS.”

Some felt the letter entirely justified. One said: “Can I pretty please find a husband like this one??”

But Giovanni commented: “He soon received a letter also… from her divorce lawyer.”

Strangely, there’s been no word from the wife in question.

Man gives wife long list of 'rules' in bid to change her 'messy bathroom habits'Source: Mirror