[Video] Sinclair Institute: 10 Secrets to Great Sex


Sinclair Institute 10 Secrets to Great Sex Video will teach you how to re-ignite your love life and have spontaneous, exciting sex again. Watch and learn as 13 loving couples reconnect with eachother and show explicit ways to add excitement to your . Also learn how to choose the right erotic video for you, how to introduce toys into your , and most importantly, how to overcom shyness and improve communication about your wants, needs, and likes.

[Video] Sinclair Institute: 10 Secrets to Great Sex

Sinclair Institute is the world leader in -oriented instructional sex education videos for adults (with a library of over 50 titles). Many don’t know but we work with internationally recognized sex educators, marriage councilors and Medical . Sinclair videos break the ice for couples to communicate about sex, using toys and building a healthier, intimate . Sinclair videos feature real couples, are high quality, non-clinical and entertaining.

Restore sensuous spontaneity to your intimate relationship. Watch 13 loving couples reconnect with fun and passion in explicit scenes including sex outdoors, and fantasy sex at a workbench, in the office and in a bungee swing. Learn novel ways to spice up sex play – including tips on choosing the right erotic videos, using toys and sure-fire communication strategies for overcoming shyness about trying new things. Open the door to a private playground for you and your partner today. ( 60 minutes, DVD)

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