Ladies, 3 Ways To Know If Your Husband Is Cheating On You With MEN


Although not scientifically proven to be true, when news broke that the surge of HIV infections in African-American women were primarily due to who were on the down-low, i.e. engaging in intimacy with  and women who do not identify themselves as gay and/or bisëxual, it created a wave of fear in African-American women.

This fear/curiosity seems to be a concern for women of all ethnic groups. People were stunned to learn that wives Google the words “Is my gay?” more than  “Is my husband ?” by 10 percent in the United States of all Google searches that begin with, “is my husband…”

Research suggests that a large number of gay men are to women and more than a quarter of gay men hide their sëxuality from anonymous surveys. With this data in mind, it’s no wonder why women are suspicious of their husbands! Unless you catch him in the act and/or he admits his double life to you, there is no definitive way to know whether or not your man is on the down-low, but are three possible signs:

  1. He gawks at other men. If you catch your man gazing in another man’s and/or looking at another man’s backside as he walks off, chances are, he’s physically attracted to men as well.
  2. He doesn’t pressure you about intimacy. While you may brag to your friends that he’s easy-going when it comes to intimacy, it may be because he’s interested in being intimate with men and only seeks to be with women every now and again.
  3. He’s easily bored in the bedroom. If your man is easily bored in the bedroom and is driven by fantasies, he will engage in intimacy with men in an attempt to “spice things up” in his life.