Hey Geminis! Your sign can tell you a lot about your sex life


Equal parts quirk and kink, Geminis are the least boring of all signs, both in and out of the sack. The only caveat is that they can grow easily tired of their lovers, even the most talented, dedicated and experimental ones. You must keep your Gemini on his or her toes at all times — and if you are a Twin (the Gemini symbol), you must constantly find new ways to love and be loved.

Hey Geminis! Your sign can tell you a lot about your sex lifeEven if you’re not into polyamory, with a Gemini is definitely like hooking up with more than one — sometimes during a single sex sesh. By the time you finish getting down with this sign, the other Twin might be ready for one more romp. Have stamina — and plenty of it. (Remember to keep a jug of water by the bed because you’re going to get thirsty.)

Gemini is an intellectual, chatty air sign, and they want to be wooed with words. That’s surely how they’ll try to woo you — a slew of witty text messages will have you swooning faster than you can say, “How did all my clothes come off?”

If you have a Gemini partner (or Gemini rising) “make it new” will be your mantra. playing is one of their favorite games — it’s a way of becoming a new person with you and starting fresh conversations every time you touch.

The good news is that if you have a high libido, the fun will almost never cease. The only time a Gemini will want to stop with you is while reading or otherwise downloading information. And if any sign can pleasure you while reading his/her Kindle, it’s the (not very humble) Gemini.

This sign is notorious for making everything, including sex, into an astonishing word game that they’ll likely win. Prepare to lose both at Scrabble and at resisting their many linguistic charms. Geminis can practically talk you into without even touching you. Cunning linguists, indeed.

Given these high-level communication skills, it’s no surprise that Gems are the zodiac’s true maestros of sexting. They know how to make it into a high art, so erotically charged that it’s a form of foreplay. Geminis are adept at sexting using only words, sans dick pics. This is so refreshing that you might suggest that they start writing erotica .

Note that they might be wholly satisfied with sexting and nothing else, though — it’s enough for them. If you meet a Gemini on Tinder and your texting gets hot and heavy before you’ve met, you might not ever get to see them in person, because for them, sexting itself is a form of consummation.

If you do make it into an actual bed with them, you’d best be into dirty talk because your Gemini will continue the dialogue straight through the action — and if you want to keep their interest, you should play along. (Obviously, if this is not your thing and doesn’t turn you on, move on to the next sign.)


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