Here’s How to Find The Best Condom For You


Condoms can be a great, cost-effective form of birth control, and when used correctly, can also protect against STIs. But when there are so many different brands out there, how do you know which one is right for you? Dr. Nita Landry, OB/GYN and co-host on The Doctors, explains some helpful things to keep in mind when picking out a condom. For starters, Dr. Nita suggests using a latex condom if you can. The reason being, she explains, is that latex condoms are well studied. If you or your partner has a latex allergy or latex sensitivity, you can choose a polyurethane condom or other synthetic condom instead. The CDC says that these synthetic condoms are believed to provide STI protection similarly to latex condoms, but it’s not as well studied as latex condoms.

Here's How to Find The Best Condom For You

Dr. Nita says that natural membrane condoms are recommended for pregnancy prevention, but not recommended for the prevention of STIs and HIV. “Lambskin condoms have small pores that could allow for the passage of viruses, including Hepatitis B or HIV.” she explains.

If you think you have a latex allergy or sensitivity, Dr. Nita recommends latex condoms that don’t contain the spermicide Nonoxynol-9, as that could be the real culprit behind your reaction.

And always make sure your condom fits well, isn’t expired, and has been kept in a cool, dry place! It’s all moot if your condom is keeps bunching or falling off or if any prolonged exposure to heat has weakened the latex, because you’re increasing your risk for unintended pregnancy and STIs. “If your condom doesn’t fit correctly, you are not practicing safe sex,” Dr. Nita explains.

With that in mind, here are several different favorite brands, recommended by some experts who would know best:

The OB GYN: Dr. Sheila Loanzon


Here's How to Find The Best Condom For You


Dr. Sheila Loanzon, an OBGYN in California, recommends Trojan because they’re so commonly used and widely available. Dr. Loanzon says she uses Trojan and that it ahs worked well for her by preventing pregnancy and unwanted STDs. “They have a variety of different sizes and types for various comfort level, pleasure, and desired experience.” She says. She also likes that they can be purchased discretely on various websites and are also carried in all major grocery and convenience stores.

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The Sex Educator: Mia Davis, Tabú


Here's How to Find The Best Condom For You


These vegan latex condoms are free of nitrosamine, fair-trade, and triple tested for peace of mind. The “ultra thin” is their best selling medium size that fits most, and they also have a smaller “tailored fit” and “large comfort fit” sizes as well.

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Here's How to Find The Best Condom For You

These vegan latex condoms are not only cute AF, but you’ll also feel good about supporting women’s health when you buy them, because Lovability donates a condom to Planned Parenthood with every purchase. They come in one size so far that fits medium to large penises (47 mm wide by 190 mm long). These condoms come with a silicone lubricant and are fragrance and spermicide free, to keep irritation to a minimum.

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Here's How to Find The Best Condom For You

These latex condoms promise to be low in that icky latex scent, and free of parabens and glycerin. For every L. product sold (the company also sells organic tampons and pads), one is donated to a female entrepreneur in a developing country. Their website says that through giving to female entrepreneurs, they are able to help women generate their own income and thus become breadwinners in their families and communities. Also available in ultra thin, ribbed, large, and in variety packs.

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The Porn stars: Whitney Wright

Trojan Sensitive Bareskin

Here's How to Find The Best Condom For YouPornstar Whitney Wright says that she’s a longtime fan of the latex Sensitive Bare Skin condoms by Trojan. “[they’re] the closest thing to bare skin but feel the best with the added safety,” she says, adding that she’s used them for years without issues. The Bareskin condoms are 40% thinner than standard latex condoms and come with lubricant. Plus, it’s easy to find, which is a bonus for Wright. “I’m all about the convenience so whenever I run out, I can just Amazon Prime them or stop off at Walmart or Target.” Knowing that this tried and true condom is available so readily means you really don’t have any excuses to go condom-free!

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Ariana Marie

Lifestyles SKYN

Here's How to Find The Best Condom For YouFor a non-latex option, Ariana Marie likes these because they’re available in three different sizes, so you can always find one that fits your partner, and she says they don’t irritate her as much as other condoms. Plus, she says, “I’ve given blowjobs with guys wearing it and I don’t even smell or taste anything. That makes me happy, because normally I’d gag, but not with these ones.” The SKYN condoms are made from polyisoprene which is a non-latex soft material that’s supposed to be just as strong as premium latex. This is a good option for those with latex allergies or latex sensitivities who don’t want to use lambskin condoms.

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Harriet Sugarcookie


Here's How to Find The Best Condom For You

Sugarcookie says her favorite is Durex because they’re the easiest to get ahold of. They make several different kinds, but Sugarcookie says not to bother with the “ribbed for her pleasure” ones, as they don’t seem to make a difference.

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Here's How to Find The Best Condom For You

Sugarcookie says she likes these because they also feel very luxurious. The unique hexagonal pattern allows body heat and sensation to pass through while still remaining strong.

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