Having Sex Increases Brain Power, Memory (Says Science)


Want to keep your memory? Have sex!

Having Sex Increases Brain Power, Memory (Says Science)As you get older one of the biggest things that go is your brain function. Your memory starts to fade, and you can’t remember things like you used to. It’s one of the scariest things about getting older because memory loss really erases a person’s identity. Well, good news, a new study has found that a good way to fight memory loss is getting busy.

A study conducted by The Manchester University surveyed 1,700 people between the ages of 58 and 98. Turns out, the test subjects who were still sexually active also had better brain power. And to be fair, they do say the brain is a very organ so it makes sense!

The study also found a third of women and even more over the age of 70 are still getting it on. You go, girls! This isn’t the first study that has shown sex keeps the brain healthy. A 2010 study found sexual activity promotes cell growth in the hippocampus, the area in the brain that controls -term memory.

Looks like we have a new mantra: time once a day keeps the dementia away!


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