Guide to Sexual Massage


Welcome to the sexual massage section of Here you will find a variety of articles featuring tips and techniques on how to pleasure your partner’s most intimate spots manually… From hand-job to fingering techniques, these guides should help you learn how to play your partner’s sexual instruments…

Guide to Sexual Massage


Anal Fingering

If your partner is not open to this form of sexual play, don’t force the issue! If your partner refuses, try to open them up to the idea by exploring the area more often with your hands. They’ll slowly get used to being touched around there, and it won’t seem as big of a deal. But ultimately if your partner says “no”, then accept it graciously and try something else you both like!

Cleanliness is essential with virtually all forms of this type of play. A bath or a shower is a great primer, and can be the start of the festivities. Once your finger(s) or Sex Toy has been inside their anus, don’t put them anywhere else until you wash them. Carelessness in this regard can cause a very serious infection. Make sure to have a good lubricant, use plenty of it, and start as slowly as possible the first few times. Assess their responses to your actions and react accordingly.

Be sure to clip your fingernails quite short before doing any type of penetration, especially anal. The lining of the rectum is thin, and can be torn by sharp objects. If you have longer fingernails, you can pack some cotton balls around your fingernails and put on a latex glove. Also, if you are paranoid about what could be on your finger when you pull it out, a regular or finger Condom may be a good idea.

For Males

Some men are not very open to experimentation with this body part, as enjoying it may make them question their sexuality. As ridiculous as this may sound, it is a result of the prejudice and lack of understanding in today’s society. In any event, make sure to communicate with your partner to avoid bad reactions.

Once you get lubricated, you want to start by taking it really easy. Most people who have never had any anal play will tense their sphincter muscles. If they are tensing, do not try to push through, as it will cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Instead, make little circles around his anus and wait for him to relax. Once he starts relaxing, gently try moving your finger in and out a little. Start shallow and slowly move deeper, just make sure to watch his reactions and facial expressions to see if you are going too fast.

Once you get inside, you can do a variety of things, including: twisting your hand, pulling in and out, moving in large circles following the wall of the cavity, or stimulate specific spots with little circles. There are two very pleasurable spots in and around a man’s anus. The first location is the anus itself; it is surrounded by a large number of nerve bundles and is very sensitive. The second is the prostate gland; it is located a few inches inside the anus towards the belly button, and often feels like a firm bulge.

The most effective use of anal play is right at Orgasm. If you have a finger inside, giving him Prostate Gland Stimulation, when he reaches an orgasm you will send him to another world of pleasure, one that he will most likely be asking you to help him revisit. By stimulating the prostate gland as he gets close to climaxing, you can give him an orgasm three or more times as intense!

For Females

Without going too close to her anus, explore her inner thighs and bottom with your hands and mouth. Some women have had bad experiences with anal play in their history, mostly because their partner moved much faster, or less gently, than they should have. If this is true in your case, getting her to talk about the topic is a great way to start. By learning where they went wrong, you can prevent that experience from happening again.

Using her natural vaginal lubricant or saliva may work, but we strongly recommend that you use lubricant, especially the first few times. Apply a fair amount of lubricant on your finger, and start by making little circles around her anus with a finger. If you feel her clenching her anus, you need to find a way to help her relax, as progressing deeper while she is ‘tight’ will only cause another bad experience. Kissing her on the mouth and all over her body, performing Cunnilingus, are just a few ways to ease her anxieties. If you get a chance to put on some music and candles ahead of time, it should help her be more comfortable.

Once inside, you can start playing to see what she likes. Start slowly and softly, and make sure to pay attention to her reactions when you speed up and/or add pressure. A few basic techniques to get you started are move your finger in a circular motion exploring the walls of her rectum, moving in circular motions along a specific region, moving in and out, rotating your hand to spin your finger. After learning what you can from these techniques, start mixing two, three or more of them together. Just always remember that it is a very sensitive area; so be gentle and watch her reactions before going further.

Guide to Sexual Massage

Fingering Techniques

When performing the following, make sure that your fingers are well lubricated. There is nothing more uncomfortable (and painful) than a dry finger roughly rubbed across a woman’s clitoris or pushed inside. In most cases, proper foreplay stimulating a woman’s erogenous zones will usually avoid the problem of Excessive Dryness. Nevertheless, it never hurts to keep a “tube of lube” sitting nearby. Under no circumstance should you put pressure or blame on your partner for this if it happens; work with her to get around it. It’s written all over this and every other sexual information site, but in case you have forgotten, communication is key.

Vaginal Massage

Most women masturbate by rubbing a finger or two over their clitoris, sometimes “through” the skin of their inner or outer lips, in a circular or back-and-forth motion. You can do this too, and it is most helpful to ask, or better yet, have her show you how she likes it done. Lie down side by side, and put your hand over hers while she shows you what she likes. You can also try having her hand over top of yours guiding.


Another technique which women are very receptive of is to have your partner lie on her back, spread her vaginal lips wide apart with your outer fingers, and use your middle finger to rapidly slide up and down her vagina rapidly and lightly grazing her clitoris. This motion alone will often bring a woman to orgasm. Don’t forget to use your mouth while you are fingering, keep kissingher, her neck, and all her other erogenous zones.


An excellent way to begin manual stimulation is to stick one, and later two or more, finger(s) inside her, with your palm cupped over the mons area. We’re talking about that fleshy ‘mound’ over her pubic bone. Your finger should have freedom to move in and out freely while the palm of your hand can add pressure against her vulva and clitoris. Once you get better, you can start moving your palm to add more stimulation.

Another, more intense motion is to position your hand so that you have one or two fingers inside her with your palm facing her body. Now bend your fingers inward and move them in rapid but short movements focusing on her G-Spot. This technique can quickly bring your woman to orgasm, especially when combined with cunnilingus.

Fingering Techniques

Labial Massage

Place a well lubricated hand over her labia, fingers pointing towards her anus. Pull up toward the navel and alternate hands. Explore the inner and outer lips with your fingers. Pull gently on one lip and then the other. Rub the outer lips gently between your forefinger and thumb, then the inner lips.

A-One and A-Two and a-Three

Try inserting your first two fingers into her vagina, then arch your thumb back ‘hitch-hiker’ style and thrust in until your thumb rests against her clitoris. Now wriggle, twist, thrust, and vibrate your hand to drive her wild.

Close But No Cigar

If your partner has a particular spot that they like to have licked or caressed, try doing so very close to but not quite on that spot. This trick will make them take longer to reach their orgasm, but they will likely have a much stronger, more powerful orgasm when they finally do.

Push Here to Start

Gently insert one finger deeply into her vagina and, when she’s ready, insert a second. Then take your thumb and place it against her anus (Don’t insert it). Press against her anus while you move your fingers inside her vagina.

Tap Dancing

Place the palm of your hand on her mons (the mound where her pubic hair is), and rest your fingers lightly on her vaginal lips. Rest your thumb on her thigh. Lightly but firmly press your palm onto her mons and begin to move your hand in a tiny circular motion. Your palm should not slide too much over her skin during this process. Rather, her skin should move underneath it. Repeat this process until you have done ten circles. You then raise your fingers and lightly tap her vaginal lips about once a second until you have given her ten taps. After giving the taps, rest your hand for five to ten seconds. Then repeat the whole routine over and over.

Cervix Clock

A woman’s cervix can usually be found in the upper rear part of her vagina. The cervix feels like a little dome of tissue, and may also have a small cleft in the middle, like your chin. Carefully stimulate the area surrounding the cervix. Some women may enjoy this and want you to do it more often; others won’t.

From the Outside

Lay your free hand over the lower part of your partner’s abdomen. Experiment by applying different kinds of pressure with the top hand while fingers from your other hand are inside her vagina.


An excellent way to learn more about pleasing your partner is to rest your fingers over hers while she is masturbating herself. Then do the reverse, with her fingers acting as guides for your own.

Off the Edge

Another form of genital massage can be done by holding a lubricated vaginal lip between your thumb and forefinger. While squeezing just a little, pull your fingers straight away from the woman’s body. Your fingers will end up in the air an inch or two above her body. If she likes this, repeat it often.


Ask your partner to help you locate her ovaries. They can usually be felt in the deepest part of the vagina and to the far left or right. Some women will like you to massage this area, others will find it painful. Sensitivity will also vary with her menstrual status.

Proper Invite

Begin with a light, gentle caress that barely touches the inner thighs and pubic hair. Don’t go much further until your partner’s pelvis begins to arch upwards. Tease and caress until the lips of her vulva invite your fingers to come play.


After applying lubrication, it might be nice to begin with one of the large outer lips. Place the lip between your thumb and forefinger, clasping it at the base where it attaches to the main part of the woman’s body. Then run your fingers (or fingertip) from the lower to upper part of the lip, as though you were tracing one side of a parenthesis. Repeat this as long as your partner’s feedback is positive.

Crecent Moon

Insert your thumb in her vagina, curl your palm around onto her clitoris, and rest your fingertips on top of her pubic bone. Alternate stimulation between the internal G-Spot, the clitoris, and the external G-Spot\bladder.

Four Directions

With two fingers press firmly up/side/down/side in her vagina, eight times each side.

Gentle Touch and Tickle

Tickle the clitoris extremely lightly.

Healing Thrust

Some women might need and want good, hard, deep, vigorous thrusting penetration. Be sure to keep her relaxed – don’t let her get tensed.

Pinch and Pull

Gently pinch and pull on the clitoris.

Rock Around the Clit

With your forefinger make tiny circles, stopping at every ‘hour’.

Temple Gate Tease

With one finger, tickle her vaginal opening as lightly as possible.

Tour de France

Orbit your forefinger around between her inner and outer labia from perineum to above her clitoris.

Triple Digit Pet

Use your three longest fingers, with your middle finger gliding along the outside of her vaginal opening and your other two fingers running along the area where her thigh meets her labia.

Twist and Shout

Using one or more fingers, massage in and out while twisting at the wrist.

Guide to Fisting

What is Fisting?

Most people know what fingering is; whether in the vagina or anus, it’s tremendously enjoyable to stroke someone inside. (Fingers up a man’s anus, if aimed properly, will tickle his prostate gland, which feels AMAZINGLY good… just a little tip!). People are generally comfortable with the idea of fingering with more than one finger, but not as many have been exposed to the idea of inserting a whole hand into the vagina or anus … which is, in its simplest terms, what fisting is.

Yes, it’s anatomically possible, and yes, it CAN be EXTREMELY pleasurable. You generally can get your whole hand inside your partner’s vagina, and some people (male and female) are able to accommodate a hand in their anus. For those who are into massive penetration, nothing is a bigger turn-on. No experience is necessary – for either of you; but for vaginal fisting, if your partner is a little roomy, or has given birth in the past, you’ll have an easier time. In any case, you need to start off slow and work your way up … pun intended!

A few words of caution before you roll up your sleeves and plunge in: fisting can result in injury to the fistee if not done properly. You do NOT make a fist and ram it home. Fisting is one of the most intimate and complete ways to touch another human being and it is something that has to be worked up to slowly and gently. Not everyone is able or willing to accept fisting … respect that fact and NEVER force participation. In addition, the anus is designed as a one-way system (out) and many members of the medical community argue that any kind of excessive activity that over-stretches the anus can/will result in damage to the area … so, be informed and BE CAREFUL!

There have been many posts about fisting on bulletin boards … talking about the proper technique, the safety concerns, the fantastic feeling of openness and connection, the magical plane that two people fisting can attain … it’s an incredibly intense way to make love.

Trust and communication between partners is essential–and tons of lube helps a lot, too. Respect your partner’s limits and pain threshold. The following guide is intended for consenting adult partners who wish to engage in this act, and we assume no responsibility for possible injuries caused by, or to, those attempting it.

Some safety issues

First of all, cut and file all your nails until every finger is as smooth as it could possibly be. Your fingers will be in some very delicate places — places that may not have pain receptors. You want to make sure you minimize all chance of causing damage.

Use latex gloves. AIDS is a matter of life and death.

For anal fisting, you will probably want to clean your bottom’s GI tract out. What else are enemas for? Be gentle with enemas – warm water is best. DO NOT use detergent in enemas.

Okay, now how do you do it?

Get her/him ready.

Make sure your partner is relaxed, turned on, and comfortable. When a woman becomes aroused, her vagina relaxes, expands and lengthens; all very important for accommodating a fist.

For anal fisting, the anus must be similarly relaxed. If the receiver is not relaxed, forcing a large object like a fist in could be very painful… so make sure to relax, and take it slowly.

Use lube.

Even the wettest vagina can use some extra juice during fisting; the more, the better. The anus produces no natural lubricant, so an artificial one is MANDATORY! A latex glove can also reduce friction and is a good idea for safer sex purposes.

Use LOTS (and I mean lots) of lube. Push it in with your fingers. Make a huge mess. Get it all over your hand, the back of your hand, between your fingers. Keep applying it as you go. You can’t have too much lube. (And remember, oil-based lubricants dissolve latex).

Some people like KY jelly – others say it dries out too quickly; Astroglide (available in North America) is a water-soluble lubricant which holds up well to continuous use. Others use “J-Lube,” which is a powdered concentrate that when added to water produces incredibly slippery goo; it’s sold in veterinary supply houses! (Some people still use Crisco with latex gloves, on the theory that the Crisco is just the best lube, and the gloves don’t break down that fast. This is risky, but it’s an option.)

Start slow.

Start with one or two fingers and work your way up to three and then four. Most people need some time to further relax their muscles, and some may require several stretching sessions, over weeks or even months, before you can actually get your whole hand in.

Go slowly. Start with one finger and work up. DON’T RUSH. Be sensitive to your partner’s feelings. You are trying to persuade part of their body to open for you, to admit part of you deeply inside it. The energy will move back and forth, and you’ll ride it, coaxing and pushing, in and out, moving your partner into a trance. Keep communicating with your partner; help them to relax and demonstrate some empathy if they are a little uncomfortable at first.

If this is anal fisting and your partner’s anus suddenly hits their limit, you’ll know; their orifice will clench tight-shut suddenly. DON’T PULL OUT. Stay right where you are until the contraction ends, THEN start pulling out. You can pull a muscle or two if you try to back out in the middle of a reaction like that. If this happens, it’s OK; you’ll know to go slower next time (if you both want to try again). But assuming all is well…

Duck inside.

When you reach five fingers, you’re almost there. Now is when you want to be most sensitive and most aware. Your partner is going to be flying on pain and pleasure; a sudden flinch and you’ll find the vagina or anus doesn’t want you anymore. If so, respect that – and pull out (slowly!). But if your partner wants it, then you’ll slip your knuckles inside, folding your thumb *inside* your fingers, and your hand will NATURALLY form an elongated fist (think of the shape of a duck’s beak) – you DON’T need to clench your hand or anything else! (Note: be careful with your nails as you form a fist). This makes your hand into a wedge shape that allows you to gradually stretch your partner open as you press on. Apply steady but slow pressure.

Let her/him lead.

Listen to your partner and let her/him tell you when to push, when to back off, when to add more fingers, and when it’s too much. Fisting can cause muscle and tissue injuries if you go too fast or too hard. Some discomfort during fisting is normal, but you have to take her/his word on the difference between a good hurt and a bad hurt.

All the way in.

The knuckles are the widest part of the hand and the most difficult part to get past the opening of the vagina/anus. You’ll probably run into resistance at that point. Wait until your partner is ready before making the big push. She/he may be able to help by bearing down (as if giving birth or in a bowel movement). Once your knuckles slip past the ring of muscles around the vaginal/anal entrance, the pressure will ease off. Now roll your hand into a fist.


At this point, your partner may or may not want you to make gentle pumping movements with your hand inside her/him, or stimulate her clit/penis etc. Fisting can produce extremely intense sensations, so ask her/him what feels good. When you’re done, make your hand into the wedge shape again, and gently slide out slowly and naturally!

Now the real fun begins… explore, entice, pleasure your partner’s vagina or bottom…


Feet aren’t just made for walking. In fact, they can be used for all sorts of activities, including sexual ones. A foot job is a sexual activity that involves one’s penis being rubbed by a sexual partner’s feet in order to induce sexual excitement, stimulation or Orgasm. Both visually and physically arousing, pleasure can be derived from admiring a pretty, pedicured foot rubbing against one’s genitals, but it can also come from the unusual sensation that a foot job affords.

In simple terms, a foot job involves encircling the penis with the underside and/or inner arches of the feet and stroking up and down the shaft. Genital stimulation by means other than penetration is a distant and very unique cousin to the Hand-job, though it can be most likened to Inter-Mammary sex. For some, the act feels similar to Vaginal or Anal penetration.

This kink is not for the everyday man … or is it? You don’t have to have a foot fetish to enjoy the perks of a foot job. An appreciation for feet and a zest for activities ‘outside of the box’ is where it starts. Check out our how-to guide and put it to the test … and if the shoe fits, enjoy it!

Foot Job 101

Prior to commencing this sexual activity, good hygiene and primping are necessary. Because feet have the potential to be nibbled, licked, rubbed against genitals, or all of the above, it’s important that they be thoroughly washed; exfoliating dead skin is also a must. Clipping toenails to an appropriate length is worthwhile as well, making sure to inspect nails afterward to make certain that no sharp edges are left behind. Individuals may opt to paint their toenails but this ought to be done a day or more prior to play, so as to avoid leaving a toxic aftertaste in their partner’s mouth (should things develop in that direction).

Another essential element of a foot job is lubrication. Using a slippery substance such as oil, moisturizer, or personal lubricant allows the foot to slide along the other person’s skin fluidly, and can be applied directly to the foot or the parts of the body it makes contact with. The receiver may gain a lot of pleasure from applying the lubricant to their partner’s feet, or by watching them do it themselves. Choose a lubricant that is digestible, hypoallergenic, and safe to use on the genital region.

If foot play is a new experience, have fun experimenting! There’s nothing wrong with being curious or exploring alternative forms of sex play, as long as both partners practice mutual respect and communication. In fact, as long as attraction persists to the whole person – rather than obsessing over one part of the body – foot jobs and related activities are perfectly healthy and normal behavior.

How to kick things off

It can start with a foot massage, casual caressing, or gentle toe-nibbling. The receiver can also kiss, stroke or simply hold onto the giver’s feet. This can be done simultaneously with other sexual activities such as Fellatio or Cunnilingus. Some men find it a real turn on even just looking at the feet while they’re close up to the genital region.


Much of a foot job’s success depends on good positioning. This allows the giver to get into the flow of the foot job easily without much strain on their neck, back or legs. The feet may endure some cramping before a comfortable rhythm is discovered, so it is important for the rest of their body to be as relaxed as possible. If the foot job is proving difficult to execute, the giver may assist their partner by holding their feet together or directing the motion of the stimulation.

There are a number of poses that a couple can try. You can experiment with some or all of the following…

Receiver Superior

– The receiver sits upright on a low chair, legs spread apart to expose the member. The giver can lie down on his or her back beneath their partner, raise their legs (which are slightly open), and encircle the penis with their feet.

– Another option is for the receiver to stand while the giver is lying on their back, buttocks close to the edge of the bed. This method enables the receiver to make adjustments by squatting or bending, rather than the giver having to do so.

Same Plane

– Both persons start by sitting face to face on a bed or floor. One or both partners can lean or lie away from the other, propping themselves up with pillows or by using their arms behind them as support. The receiver open their legs to allow access to the genitals, while the giver (with legs raised), wraps their feet around the penis. This positioning is somewhat demanding on the giver’s hips and thighs, but each others’ view is spectacular.

– A sexy (and very easy) variation of this class of foot jobs is to have the giver lie on their stomach facing away from their partner and masturbate him without looking. Performing a sort of reverse foot job, the motion on the penis comes from the giver bending at the knees. To the receiver’s viewing delight, it exposes the back of the toes and bottom side of their feet, not to mention their rear end!

Giver Superior

– In one version, the male lies on his back on a bed or floor. The giver lies astride him, similar to the couple’s positioning in Cross, except that the giver’s feet en-wrap the penis. She may also want to hold herself up with her elbows or arms…

– Another fun move is to have the giver seated on a chair or bed; arm rests are optional though useful. The receiving partner lies astride on the floor below. (Picture Riding Astride but with the female partner sitting on top of the couch back).


Once you have your feet firmly planted with this technique (pardon the pun), there are many ways to augment the excitement level. Here are a few things to try:

– Similar to the body arrangement shown in Brute , the giver straddles their partner, wraps their legs around his waist, and envelopes the penis with their feet. It may feel awkward at first, but you just need a little practice to get the hang of it.

– Using any one of the methods mentioned in the previous sections, try a variation of the foot job: the toe job. It’s based on similar principles, with the exception that two toes do the brunt of the work. The giver spreads their big toe and the one right next to it as far as they can go; the penis then gets placed in between them. Depending on what’s easier to do, the giver can pump their foot to create motion on the penis or the receiver can thrust his member between the toes.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes it’s best to bring up the activities at foot, err – hand, during the heat of the moment. Other times, it helps to discuss them beforehand. It depends on whether your partner is the more spontaneous type, or not. Either way, as long as a person’s arousal rests primarily in the whole person, not just one part, this type of activity can be a kinky, fun alternative to manual stimulation.

Guide to Sexual Massage

G Spot Stimulation

Where is the G-spot?

If your partner is lying on her back, then her Grafenberg Area, commonly known as the G-spot, is located roughly 1.5″ inside her vagina on the upper wall. The most ultimate Orgasms come from a woman having her G-spot stimulated. This area inside the vagina typically has a different texture; ridged (not as smooth) as the rest of her vagina, and when aroused feels spongy. A G-spot orgasm is often associated with the mystical legend of Female Ejaculation and 15-30 minutes of a euphoric sensation where she is in complete bliss… Don’t expect much from her during this time, she is in heaven.

G-spot Technique

With your fingers approximately two to three inches in, move your fingers in even circles all around the inside of the vagina. It generally feels best if you keep consistent, firm pressure along the entire length of the vaginal walls while fingering. You may wish to give a LITTLE extra pressure towards her belly as long as you don’t break the steady rotational rhythm. Stop rotating your fingers and rest your fingertips on the (usually slightly ridged) area of the vagina just behind the pubic bone and exert pressure towards her belly (upwards). This is direct G-spot stimulation, and it usually feels best if the fingers are subtly moving. You can move your fingers in small, slow circles, or point your fingers more sharply and rock them back and forth.

An advanced and very successful technique is a combination of the two. Trace the inside of her vagina with your finger(s), while moving in and out. Make sure that your fingertip always hits the g spot on each rotation. Finding a nice rhythm is critical in this technique, and when you get it right, she’ll be asking you how you learned that!

Stimulating G-spot During Intercourse

This topic is covered in greater detail in the Vaginal Intercourse article in the Intercourse section, but keep in mind the angle you position yourself during intercourse. Being able to stimulate the G-spot during intercourse will definitely increase the likelihood of your partner reaching orgasm through intercourse.

Sex Toys

These are designed specifically for this area and are a great way to enhance your sexual experiences. They can vibrate, stay hard, and best of all they don’t get tired. There is no better way to learn how to experience vaginal orgasms than by using a vibrator to help you figure out how to pleasure your body better. If there is a way to stimulate it, there is a sex toy to automate the process and to no surprise this holds true when referring to the G-spot. Check out our article on G-spot Vibrators.

Guide to Sexual Massage

Hand-job Techniques

Penis massage, often referred to as ‘hand-jobs’, can be a great way to pleasure your male partner, or even bring him all the way to Orgasm. They can be used by themselves, or while performing Fellatio on your partner. Many can also be adapted to perform as Masturbation.

If you REALLY want to thrill him (and he is open to it), you can mix it up with some Anal Fingering and Prostate Gland Stimulation!

Although not necessary, it is better to perform hand-jobs using a lubricant.

The following is a listing of techniques to try:


With one hand, pull the shaft’s skin toward the base and wrap the fingers of this hand around the base to act as a cock ring. Using the other hand, rhythmically pick various points along the shaft of the penis and squeeze opposite sides of the penile shaft at these points, releasing pressure either immediately or after only a brief period of time.


Rub the penis between both palms, as if rubbing two sticks together to create fire. Be sure to use plenty of oil.

Glans Head Massage

Hold the penis in one hand with the head sticking up. Using the well-oiled palm of your other hand, slowly and sensitively massage the glans head. Reverse directions every once in a while.

Healing Stroke

With the penis resting on the man’s stomach, take one hand and cup the testicles. Then glide the heel of the palm of the other hand up and down the underside of the penis.

Twist and Shout

Pull the skin of the penis toward the base with one hand. With the other hand, corkscrew the penis. This can be done with the thumb and first finger or with your entire grip.

Anvil Stroke

Start with one hand lightly grasping the top of the penis. Then stroke the penis from the top, all the way to the bottom. When you hit the bottom, release the penis. Meanwhile, bring your other hand to the top of the penis and repeat.


Place both of your hands side by side against his shaft like a pair of bookends. Now push hard against his penis. Then lift your hands up and down.


Turn the head of his penis like you’re trying to open an oily doorknob. Now try turning the other way. Repeat. This stroke is sometimes improved by using the other hand to stretch the skin of the penis toward the base.

Double Whammy

Bring your well lubricated hands down on his shaft. Some penises are so big they require both hands; if your partner’s doesn’t, then use the other hand to caress and lightly flutter his testicles, or tighten around the base of his shaft. If both hands fit along the length of the shaft then move them together, up and down, in the typical pumping motion. Pretend you’re holding a baseball bat and are about to score a grand slam. You can also vary the directions of your hands: one up, one down at the same time.


Start with one hand lightly grasping the bottom of the penis. Then stroke the penis from the bottom all the way to the top. When you hit the top, release the penis. Meanwhile, bring your other hand to the bottom of the penis and repeat.

Perpetual Penetration

Start with one hand lightly grasping the top of the penis. Then stroke the penis from the top all the way to the bottom, letting his penis “penetrate” into your fist on each stroke. Before the head of his penis pops out of your hand, bring the other hand up for the next penetration. This way it seems to him like he is penetrating deeper and deeper into an infinite vagina. Make sure you keep the penetration continuous.


Make a ring with your thumb and forefinger and pump up and down with it. When you get to the top close the ring. Then make him squeeze his way in as you slide back down to the bottom.


Stroke only his shaft, ignoring his glans head. You will notice his glans head swelling and turning red. When it’s bright red, use Doorknob, Glans Head Massage, or Perpetual Penetration.

Shuttle Penis

Take the penis in both hands, fingers lightly touching the sides of the shaft. Now flick the penis back and forth between your two hands by holding onto the loose skin of the shaft. Do this stroke for a while to allow tension to build.

Spot Pinch

Lightly and slowly run a finger up the underside of his penis. Ask him to tell you where the most sensitive spot is. Pinch, squeeze, nibble and tease that spot.

Guide to Sexual Massage

Inter-Mammary Intercourse

Commonly known as ‘titty fucking’, Inter-Mammary Intercourse (IMI) is a sexual act that involves a penis being rubbed between the female breasts. Squeezing together the breasts will create resistance against the penis and produce an erotic, physical sensation similar to that of penetrative sex. This activity can also naturally transition to Oral Sex.

Here we explain why IMI is attractive, how it works and a couple of guidelines about ejaculation etiquette. We’ve also come up with some helpful tips and Sex Positions for you to try!

Why the appeal?

To some extent, cultural practices and beliefs determine the degree to which breasts are viewed as sexual objects. One can infer from the Western style of dress, along with the high incidence of larger or artificial bust sizes, that the fetish of choice might likely be the breasts.

Breasts play an important role in human sexual behavior. Many women (and quite a few men) rely heavily on the breasts for stimulation during sexual arousal. For many women, having their breasts stimulated by actions such as rubbing the mound or sucking the nipple is extremely pleasurable. Using the penis as a means to caress the breasts during the course of sex can occur quite naturally, so it isn’t unreasonable to want to experiment more with that area.

The breasts and penis are stimulated by being rubbed against each other, and by the assistance of one or both sets of participants’ hands. The visual impression of IMI should also be appreciated; for some, just watching this erotic act is highly arousing.

How it Works

IMI has a couple of basic conditions that will help ensure trouble free success; the penis needs to be long enough and the breasts large enough. When both conditions are met the suggested positions will be easier to perform and physical limitations won’t hinder. A more generously endowed man has additional length to insert between the breasts and is free to experience a wider range of positions. A female with larger breasts can easily manipulate them, jiggling them up and down individually or both at the same time. If the female is flexible enough she can orally pleasure the penis as it is thrust deeply between her breasts.

Ejaculation Etiquette

The female can opt to receive ejaculate on her breasts, neck, face, or in her mouth. When the male is going to cum during the act of IMI, it is an important consideration to discuss ahead of time whether (or not) the female wants to receive ejaculate on her face or in her mouth; some women feel that Ejaculation on the face is demeaning while others do not, whilst each has their own preference regarding cumming in the mouth. When it comes to any sexual act, it’s vital that both people feel comfortable before and after the undertaking.

Tips for Overcoming Physical Constraints

When either one or both partners can’t ‘measure up’, there are still some other possibilities. A less endowed man will want to capitalize on motion, positioning and agility in order to perform the act. This holds true for the ladies as well, as a small-breasted woman can achieve the effect of IMI by actions such as ‘bouncing her body’ as she holds her breasts together.

Additionally, whatever amount of breast she can’t sandwich the penis with, she can cover the gap by joining her hands together. Going one step further and interlacing the fingers will manually stimulate the topside of penis and provide yet another interesting dimension to this action.


Ensure that the positional height for both parties is comfortable and make adjustments accordingly. For example (depending on the position), to raise height use a pillow either underneath the kneeling female’s knees, or the laying male’s buttocks. If the bed is low, the female can sit, rather than kneel; alternatively, sturdy blocks can be used under the man’s feet to raise him up. If it is preferable, incorporate a back rest, or merely bent elbows, to raise the body up. Other props such as the Liberator Ramp can also come in very handy. Finally, ensure that a bottle of lubricant is nearby.

Suggested Positions

1. Man Sitting or Lying Back/Woman Kneeling:

The man lies down with the upper half of his torso on the bed (or sitting back on a couch) and his buttocks positioning at the edge; the knees are bent at approximately a ninety degree angle, feet are flat on the floor and legs are spread wide. The female kneels, sits, or squats in between his legs; she surrounds his penis with her breasts and begins the motion. If her neck is flexible enough, she can bend her head to have her mouth meet the head of his penis at his deepest thrust (this can transition to ‘Game’s On’ in our Sex Positions Guide).

2. Woman Lying Down/Man Straddling:

The woman lies down on a bed or a couch. For added manoeuvrability, use pillows to prop her up. The man kneels on the bed and straddles her chest. As she holds her breasts together, he is free to thrust his penis in between them, and has the choice to rest his hands on her shoulders or hold onto something nearby for support. Otherwise, if his balance is good, he can lean back and use his fingers to caress her vagina. The other option is for the man is to hold the woman’s breasts together at the same time as penetrating them, leaving her hands free to wander. Again, if she doesn’t have any restrictions in her neck, she can bend it to receive his penis in her mouth. This position is also a great one to transition to oral sex with (see ‘Fuck Face’ in our Sex Positions guide)!

3. Woman Lying Down/Man in Side Lunge:

This position is accessible if the bed or couch is low enough. The woman is positioned in the same manner as position 2, but with her head at the edge of the bed/couch. The man starts by kneeling on either side of the woman’s chest and places one of his feet on the floor for more stability. The next step is to switch his weight backward and forward between the foot on the floor and the knee on the bed/couch. It is an invigorating, athletic position, making him feel dominant and confident.

4. Man Standing/Woman Kneeling:

The man begins by standing; the woman kneels on the floor in front of him and envelopes his penis with her breasts. For his comfort and enjoyment, find a spot where he can place his hands, either behind him or by his sides, so that he can use them as leverage or to bear down up, while he rubs his penis between the breasts. The woman can participate equally in the motion by bouncing, or she can be the only one who plays a part. This position is also a great one to transition to oral sex (see ‘Atten-hut’ in our Sex Positions guide)!

Final Thoughts

A slippery lubricant on the penis and between the breasts can assist and enhance this sexual act enabling the penis to move more freely and smoothly between the breasts (and hands).

Respect and open-mindedness will also determine the outcome. Some women may feel that IMI is degrading because of the male’s dominating positions; they may even prefer to avoid this sexual activity altogether. However, these feelings may stem from feeling vulnerable, over-powered, or inadequate. As with any concerns the answer is to communicate with your sexual partner to resolve these issues, preferably before they arise.

Guide to Sexual Massage

Prostate Gland Stimulation

For many couples, the prostate is a largely unexplored region of recreation, and yet it can be an area of pleasure for both partners. Whether this area becomes a staple of your sexual practices is to be determined, but some initial investigation is recommended before making a decisive conclusion.

The prostate gland (P-spot) is centrally located inside the pelvic region of the male; it sits below the bladder and immediately in front of the rectum, wrapping itself around the urethra in order to add to the flow during ejaculation. The area between the anus and the genital ‘zone’ is known as the perineum, which is in close contact with the prostate gland. So not only does this little organ lend itself to hedonistic pleasure, it also actually performs a reproductive function by producing a seminal fluid that allows sperm to survive in the vaginal cavity.

Reaching the gland can be a potentially invasive procedure, involving petroleum jelly, rubber gloves (if desired), and wholehearted arousal in order to stimulate relaxation of the sphincter muscle. The stigma associated with anal penetration may be negative, depending on a person’s particular background. Factors that affect an individual’s readiness to delve into this sphere can range from degrees of homophobia or a fear of appearing homosexual, to simple issues of discomfort. An important point to consider is the man’s willingness to engage in this affair; the more frightened, unsure, or unwilling the recipient is, and the more the incident is going to hurt, lowering the overall chance of success. Perhaps a drink or two might be required to relax inhibitions.

Though it is a voluntary muscle, the anal sphincter is designed to open upon internal pressure … specifically, the force that is exerted from a full bowel. If gentle stress is placed on the periphery of the (well-lubricated) anus, it will perform the same action in reverse, almost sucking the finger into the rectal area. Once the finger or suitable substitute is inside the rectum about one or two inches, it must be pointed towards the ventral (stomach) region of the male and gently manipulated. In other words, if you are sitting between your partner’s legs and your finger is in his anus, curl it toward yourself to facilitate the stimulation of his prostate to orgasm. Some men may need less or more specific attention to the areas in and around the rectum; for some companions, provoking the perineal surface before and during sex can promote or intensify the climax, and can form an alternative method to penetration.

An inhibiting factor to be aware of is the rectal susceptibility to infections of all kinds, especially those caused from the insertion of unclean instruments or of lubricating agents that contain low quality ingredients. Due to the vulnerability of this and other internal organs to damage, care and consideration is always warranted. Washing of the area with soap before and after the activity is a good plan, as is the use of condoms for organ penetration. Don’t feel discouraged by the apparent elaborateness of preparation; anticipation is half of the enjoyment. Enjoy!


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