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If adhering to traditional gender roles during sex isn’t working for you—for a night, for a longer period of time, or for your entire lifetime—behold some inventive ways to hookup with someone that are completely gender fluid. For a refresher, the term gender fluid means that a person (or in this case, a sex position) doesn’t connect to the perceived “traits” of masculine and/or feminine, sub/dom, but rather, shifts between them. These shifts can undulate and last for short or long periods of time. In other words, how they identify is super, well, fluid.

Because you know what? While you and/or your partner’s sex is often based on biology and what doctors assign to you at birth, gender—and the stereotypical characteristics we assign to it—is a social construct. So, if you feel like assuming a role in or outside of the bedroom that doesn’t stick to any kind of established narrative, you can and should certainly do you, boo.

The following 5 gender-fluid sex positions allow both you and your partner to explore power, vulnerability, and what really makes you feel sexy and comfortable as individuals. Plus, each arrangement happens to be super hot. There’s nowhere to go wrong here!

Bonus: If you’re feeling up to it, there are also a bunch of gender-fluid and non-conforming sex toys that you can add to the mix to really rev up the action. Like, you can use a butt plug with “The Side Stroke,” or a Strap-on for “The Sugared-Spoon” (like we suggest below). Hey, who are we to not give you all the best possible options? Have fun out there.

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The Side Stroke

If you’re both lying on your sides, kissing and rubbing each other all over, what are you supposed to be doing gender-wise? Exaaactly. That’s why this face-to-face spooning posish is a winner. It also offers lots of eye contact and, with your legs outstretched or bent, you can push and pull your bodies to get into a rhythm together. Meaning: Major intimacy and égalité.


The Top Knot

Break the top/bottom gender roles of the classic missionary setup by swapping places and forgetting all the rules. Lie on top with your legs wedged between your partner’s and pump away as you please. This will feel super empowering in the inside, plus deliciously stimulating on the outside (and inside, too).


The Freeform

If someone has trauma around sexual gender roles, then take it super slow. Start with a long, languid massage that might—or might not—end with a happy ending. Whether or not anyone has an orgasm, if you stay in communication and focus on one another, it can be an amazing sexual experience.


The Sugared-Spoon

Adding a strap-on to the mix makes any coupling gender fluid. Try anal—it’s not known for being sweet particularly, but it can be if you do it in a spooning position and stroke your partner as you gently thrust.


The Power Stance

If you have a vagina and want to be the one serviced orally, prop your foot on the back or edge of a chair, which will give your partner (who’s on their knees or seated on the floor) a better angle. This feels like a power move—especially if you thrust your hips against your partner’s face and/or hold on to their head. But, it’s just as exciting to be the one on your knees, so switch it up so you can both experience the headiness of dominance and submission.

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Source: Cosmopolitan


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