At a FUNERAL? Men reveal their most embarrassing ERECTION mishaps on Reddit


HAVE you ever had an erection at one of these awkward spots before?

At a FUNERAL? Men reveal their most embarrassing ERECTION mishaps on Reddit

AWKWARD: Have you ever had an erection at one of these locations

You could be in a normal situation, minding your own business and suddenly you notice a stirring down below. 

Whether you’re making a public speech or you’re at the gym, getting an erection doesn’t always come at the best time. 

But don’t worry as you’re not the only one who’s had an embarrassing erection in public.

Guys have taken to Reddit to reveal their most cringe-worthy tales, after being asked “Men, where’s the worst place that you’ve had an erection?”

1. At a funeral

A user called Junkrecked revealed how he got a very unexpected erection at his uncle’s funeral.

2. On the operating table before surgery

There’s probably nowhere to hide this one, user Really_Quite_Boring said he had an erection while he was on the operating table during surgery.

At a FUNERAL? Men reveal their most embarrassing ERECTION mishaps on Reddit

ERECTION: Sometimes you’ll get a bit of wood in the most awkward moments

3. Interfering with sacraments

Having a conversation with priest is usually a pretty serious business, but Studer391 had an uncomfortable experience.

He said: “In line for confession. Oh Catholic school, what a wonderful time.”

4. Back of the bus

One bloke described how he had a erection in the same spot everyday as he waited for the bus to arrive to take him home from college.

Eli_The_D said: “Everyday after class, I waited at the same bus stop and took the same bus home. I always had an erection in that spot despite being in the area with the smallest female to male ratio.”

5. Morning glory

This one’s got to be painful. Talking on reddit, Hastur_83 added: “In y bed. Why? It’s less of a ‘where’ story, more like a ‘when’.

“I was circumcised as an adult, luckily it wasn’t cancer (yay, penis cancer) but the skin had to go. A month with stitches down there wasn’t fun, but it wasn’t the worst thing. The worst thing, by a long shot, was something I gave exactly zero thought before – ‘morning wood.’

“Because there are few worse things than waking up to the feeling of stitches being torn out, out of your penis, because it’s morning and it just has to get hard. All is well now.”

6. Trapped in a pool at the gym

You could probably get away with hiding an erection under clothes, but being naked in a pool is probably the worst place to be.

MeOulSegosha said: “In a plunge pool at a gym I used to go to. I was naked, water was freezing, but for some reason it woke up the old John Thomas. Too cold to stay in the pool, too embarrassed to get out. Not ideal.”

7. Flying high

RawdogginYourMom shared a predictably obscene story about why you shouldn’t mess with Viagra on the plane.

He wrote: “On a plane. I was going to see my ex and some old guys gave me some blue pills to have some extra fun. I panicked at security and popped 4 of them. I spent 4 hours on a plane with a raging hard-on, a headache and a stuffy nose.

“I had to take a leak halfway through the flight and didn’t dare to stand up because I didn’t want to risk taking anyone’s eye out.”

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