First Date Ideas According to Your Zodiac Sign, Astrology


The hardest part of dating isn’t that awkward first hug, or pretending you didn’t already Google everything about them, or running into your ex because it’s about to be Mercury Retrograde—it’s trying to figure out what to actually do together. Well, instead of stressing y’all’s pretty little heads about where you should go (or just giving in to the ye olde “get drinks” plan) pick a first date based on your zodiac sign—see below—for a guaranteed good time. (Even if, um, there’s no chance in hell of a second date. Sorry, bb!)


Get physical! Not like that. If you’re an Aries, you’ll want to show off your fiery and fun side by letting your date see the physical activities that you excel at. (Again, not like that.) Consider an evening at the batting cages to let your date know that you are fierce! sporty! fabulous!


You already know: dinner at the latest cool-guy restaurant. On the menu: an extremely decadent and scrumptious meal. If you’re not hungry, then you will totally settle for a trendy high end bar to show off your innate knowledge of fine aperitifs and the social scene in your ‘hood.


You’ll want to chat endlessly with your date, so it’s important that you find a quiet spot for you to talk and connect with each other. A picnic in the park will allow you both to bond, while being active outside (in case you need to burn off some of that nervous energy).


Embrace your sentimental side and take your maybe-boo to a poetry reading. Don’t hold back the tears and the laughs. Let your date see your deep emotional nature ASAP, so that they know who you really are right away: a softee on the inside, hard shell on the outside.


All the world’s a stage, which is why you and your date are headed to an interactive play. You’ll both be a part of the theatrical event on your date (yes, we know you wouldn’t have it any other way) and share funny Instagramable memories with them throughout the evening. Not a thing where you live? One word: karaoke.


Skip all that fluffy, over-the-top, cheesy romantic sh*t, and take a cooking class. It’s a great way to cut through the B.S. of small talk by actually doing a practical activity together. Plus, you’ll get to see their cooking skills early on.


You’re a show off, but in a good way. And, TBH, you’ll let that vibe come shining through on your first date which will include dinner at a restaurant so trendy it doesn’t have a sign, followed by bottles in the VIP section at the clurb.


Instead of hitting up a basic bar with tired music, grab your dancing partner, er, date and take them to a salsa club. You’ll create a deep connection right away sweating, er, staring into each other’s eyes all night—how on-brand of you!


You love an adventure and there’s nothing riskier and scarier (in a good way, if that’s possible) than taking a first date to an amusement park. You’ll both scream on roller coasters and enjoy cotton candy while flirting between rides.


We all know your budget conscious, which is why it you should hit up happy hour at a fancy joint. That way, you can both bond over work dramz over (cheap) martinis.


Since you consider your crew to be like family and trust their opinions 100%—the only option for you is to rip off the Band-Aid and invite your date out for a party hosted by a friend.


A stroll through a museum will not only inspire your artistic desires, but will also give you something cool to talk to your date about. You’ll have made inside jokes by the time you get coffee in the cafeteria.

Source: Cosmopolitan


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