Everyone Can Cool It Now With the ‘Shape of Water’ Fish Penis Jokes!

Everyone Can Cool It Now With the 'Shape of Water' Fish Penis Jokes!

I haven’t seen The Shape of Water yet, but, as far as I understand, it’s a film about a who has sex with a fish/man. Somehow this bold piece of cinéma is a serious Oscar contender, despite the fact that you never see the fish man’s dick! In this political climate? What gives!!!

While the world will unfortunately never know the true shape of the fish man’s water, a dildo maker took creative license and molded it into existence. Tumblr user/Etsy shop owner XenoCat Artifacts, a purveyor of monster-inspired dildos and squishies, created and released a fish man dildo and, boy, it is really somethin’.

Somewhat NSFW (doesn’t really like a traditional dick to me, but hey, I’ve never had sex with a fish man) photo of the highly anticipated below:

Ere, the 23-year-old owner of XenoCat Artifacts, told Refinery29 she was inspired to create something related to The Shape of Water, a film she has the “highest praises” for, and ultimately landed on customizing on the shop’s preexising dildos to be more aquatic. “I believe that we are in a time where there’s a more open culture to acceptance of things different from us, and a natural curiosity to defer away from the Fifty Shades or Twilight sort of vibe that’s been thrown at us for a time as far as films or films that embody fantasy interests,” she told Refinery29, applauding The Shape of Water for its non-traditional love story between a woman and a fish.

The bad news for anyone hoping to take the fish man dildo for a spin is that it’s sold out at the moment. But! XenoCat Artifacts reportedly told Gizmodo via Tumblr message that a restock of about 20 more dildos will be available before the Oscars. An extremely limited run, so by all means, keep an eye out on the Etsy page.

Source: Cosmopolitan