Eating to Orgasm: Would you ever?


Apart from its supposed health benefits, the Mediterranean diet is now also being lauded for its aphrodisiac effects.

Eating to Orgasm: Would you ever?

When I received this press release, my first instinct was to rewrite it and include some of my opinion. But, after reading it, I kind of didn’t have one.

Either I’ve been hit with brain-numbing Novemberitis, or the facts they give actually do sound pretty legit…

A recent study by the International Journal of Sexual Medicine found that those who followed the eating plan reported an increase in sexual desire and decrease in sexual dysfunction.

Another study conducted by the University of Naples in Italy reported the results of a clinical trial in women diagnosed with Female Sexual Dysfunction.

Of the 59 women tested, half were put on a Mediterranean-style diet. After two years, the women were retested for their scores on the Female Sexual Dysfunction Index (FSDI).

The FSDI revealed that the average score percentage in the women who followed the Mediterranean plan had jumped from 19.7 to 26.1 – indicating a massive increase in sexual desire and activity.

Characterised by its emphasis on wholegrains, healthy fats and fresh fruit and vegetables, the Mediterranean diet is rich in foods typically known for their aphrodisiac qualities.

Examples include: avocado, fish, red wine and pumpkin seeds.


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