Don’t kill your woman’s orgasm


Imagine this scenario: You are with a girl in the bed, and you are having a wonderful time together. She is moaning with ecstasy, and is right on the edge. Then you go onto do something, which sort of just kills the whole moment when she is about to .  You have probably done something stupid, which just puts her off big time.

Don’t kill your woman’s orgasm we bring you a list of common mistakes that make in the bed that turns off completely.

Too intense: A common mistake that all the first timers do is that they start-off immediately. Targeting her Vjay directly can be quite putting off for her. It also leads to a delayed orgasm. Remember, teasing her and playing with her can be a good build up for an orgasm. Taking time to arouse her slowly has huge dividends later on as she is bound to have a good orgasm.

Don’t break the rhythm: When are about to have an orgasm, maintain the rhythm. Don’t change your speed. If you change your speed, or become too fast suddenly, it will derail her orgasm. Try and listen to her and maintain your rhythm according to her moans.

Don’t ask: Another thing that can put-off a is when you ask question whether she is about to have an orgasm.  You might think that you are helping her, but by asking her the question the only thing which you are doing is making her uncomfortable and in a way pressurizing her to have an orgasm. This will for sure shot ruin the chances of her having an orgasm. Just keep your mouth shut, you will know when she is about to have an orgasm.

Switch off the TV: Orgasm till a certain extent needs focus so shut that damn television set. It is like a huge distraction for not only her but also you. In the first place just try to avoid in a room which has TV.


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