Dear Coleen: My wife makes me go to bed at 8.30 every night


Dear Coleen

My problem may seem trivial or humorous, but it’s causing me great distress. My wife has effectively imposed an 8.30pm bedtime on me.

She recently got a new job which means she has to get up at 5am every day. She wants to get eight hours’ , so she has to be in bed by 9pm.

She also requires half an hour in the bathroom to get ready, and hates to be disturbed once she’s in bed, which means I have to retire before her.

She literally me my pyjamas at 8.15pm and sends me off to get undressed. We only have one and I don’t want to sleep on the sofa, so I have no alternative but to go along with it.

I have tried suggesting that I come to bed quietly at 10pm, but she’s insistent we follow her rules. How can I resolve this?

Coleen says

Wow, what a tyrant. Um, just say you’re not doing it – she’s being unreasonable.

I get up at 4.30am every Monday to head to the ITV studios in London to film Loose Women , so I go to bed early the night before, but I don’t expect the whole household to do it too.

Everyone is aware that I need to get up early, and my Ray tries not to wake me when he comes to bed. If I told my hubby and kids they had to be tucked up in bed straight after tea, they’d all laugh at me (and certainly wouldn’t comply).

, your wife can’t expect a grown man to go to bed at 8.30pm every day. If she doesn’t like it, then she’ll have to come up with an alternative – like moving into a house with two bedrooms.

I wonder if she’s as accommodating at 5am, creeping around so she doesn’t wake you up.

Or do you have to get up and make her breakfast too?

Stand up for yourself.

Do you fall out over bedtime? What would your advice be? Have your say in the comments below

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