Dear Coleen: My brother’s behaviour is inappropriate towards me


Dear Coleen

I’m a 17-year-old girl, and I’m having trouble with my brother who is 15. The problem is, he’s always being pervy towards me. I catch him looking at my breasts, and if I have a short skirt on, he’ll pinch my bum.

I told my best friend about this and she said I should knee him where it hurts. One day, when my brother grabbed my bum, I kneed him as hard as I could and he dropped to the floor in pain.

It felt good at the time and I think I did the right thing, but now my brother won’t talk to me at all,
plus it got me into trouble with my parents.

Coleen says

He’ll get over it. He’s 15 and his hormones are raging.

I don’t think this is about you – I think it’s more to do with how he feels about girls in general at the moment.

Nevertheless, it’s entirely inappropriate and he needs to learn boundaries – your parents must enforce them.

If he behaves in the same way towards other girls, the likelihood is that he’ll get kneed where it hurts again.

Do your parents realise what he’s doing? I think you need to explain it to them, even if you find it embarrassing, and tell them how it makes you feel.

If they thought you’d just had a silly argument, then that’s why they’re annoyed with you.

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