Dear Coleen: Am I too old for a 17 year old girl?


Dear Coleen

I’m very attracted to a of mine and she feels the same way about me.

Thing is, I’m a 28-year-old man and she is only 17.

Recently, we’ve become closer and have confided in each other and I’ve also started noticing how gorgeous she is.

We both admitted that we had feelings for each other and, since then, we’ve gone out a few times and had .

I really want her to be my girlfriend but I’m worried the 11-year age gap will be frowned upon. Am I doing anything wrong?

Coleen says

Legally, you’re not doing anything wrong because, at 17, she’s above the age of consent.

But I can tell you are really worried about what other will think. The age gap seems worse because it’s 17 and 28 but if she were 22 and you were 33, it wouldn’t seem so vast. My sister is 11 years older than her and neither of them have found it an issue.

Because she is so young, she might want to spread her wings while you are starting to think about settling down, so you have to be mindful that you’re at different life stages and may want different things.

But if you’re both happy and want to try , then all you can do is see where it leads and not worry about other people.

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