Dating Slang


2. Cuffing

AKA the sudden, aggressive pursuit of a winter partner when the nights start drawing in, before emotionally “handcuffing” them, lest you be left alone through the bleak, cold months. This term is a classic example of when men come up with an aggressive-sounding, macho name to justify doing something perfectly nice. Basically, when you live on a tiny, rain-lashed, permanently-furious island in the North Sea, winter is unspeakably grim. And if you want to get through it by pairing off, living on roast potatoes, putting on two stone, going for nice walks and falling asleep in front of Countryfile like some elderly St Bernard, that’s absolutely fine. No need to try and macho it out like a pitiful MRA-dickhead. Embrace the cuddles.

Source: Askmen


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