Dangerous sexual fetish sees women putting WORMS inside their vaginas


THE odd craze has been branded as extremely dangerous by medical experts.

Dangerous sexual fetish sees women putting WORMS inside their vaginas

BED BUGS: One chap is not loving his partner’s unusual sex fetish

A bizarre sexual fetish involves bringing creepy crawlies into the bedroom.

While some are aroused by formicophilia, or getting pleasure from being crawled on by insects, others have taken the trend even further.

A man wrote in to Dan Savage’s column in The Stranger to ask for advice about his girlfriend’s intimate preferences.

Apparently, the woman longed for her partner to put earthworms inside her vagina.

In the anonymous letter, he wrote: “I recently started seeing a gorgeous 24-year-old woman who’s smart and sweet and also happens to have a few out-there fetishes.

“There’s not much I’ll say no to, Dan, but one of the things she’s into is formicophilia.

“I offered to get some ants and worms to crawl on her body while I f*** her, but she wants me to put earthworms in her vagina.

“Is there a safe way to do this? Female condom? I want to help, but putting worms in your vagina seems like it will end with an embarrassing trip to the ER.”

Unsurprisingly, experts were concerned about this admission.

Responding to the confession, Dr Jen Gunter revealed her advice to the writer.

She warned against putting the insects into your orifices, as “anything that lives in soil could easily inoculate the vagina with pathogenic bacteria”.

Not only could it cause infection or irritation, you also run the risk of the live creatures getting stuck inside once the sex act is complete.

While fetishes like these may seem uncommon, gynaecologists have regularly had to warn members of the public to be more careful with their intimate areas.

Last year, there were plenty of dangerous vagina trends.

Reports revealed that teens and young women were soaking tampons in alcohol before inserting them in order to get drunk quicker.

Others attempted to make their ladybits more appealing by inserting wasp nests or tightening wands.

It became such an epidemic that doctors revealed a list of the most bizarre items found inside vaginas in order to warn against the crazes.

Source: dailystar.co.uk