Cowgirl Cowgirl Sex Position


Cowgirl Sex Position

In the very popular Cowgirl position the receiver kneels astride the giver and leans forward on their arms; the giver is laid back. The receiver has much more control over depth and angle of penetration – a must-have for good g-spot stimulation. This position is definitely a must-add to your repertoire!
Cowgirl Cowgirl Sex PositionCowgirl is the most favourite of my partner. After cozying and foreplay she will proactively be on top and insert and start slow back and forth movements, I caress the boobs,hips. I will lift my torso on elbows to suck nipples. To make me easy she will hold my head with left palm and keep her right palm on right breast, back-forth movements start increasing and she will squirt. She will pause for few seconds and grind again and again squirt. Squirting continues till I also cum and then she will rest on my chest till calm down and will lying along me. After some rest the wet cloths replaced before sleeping. Cowgirl I also prefer but when she initiates it gives me rock hard turn on. Man should not disturb her when she is riding except caressing boobs and hips


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