Couples are LOVING the Sandwich sex position


Valentine’s Day might only be a few days away, but why not celebrate the week of love with a new position in bed.

Trying different sex moves is a good way to reignite passion under the duvet sheets. So why not give this one a go?

According to Lovehoney’s sex and relationship expert Sammi Cole, the Sandwich sex position is great if you’re looking for a tighter and more pleasurable fit.

How do you master it?

You lie flat with your partner on top as he penetrates you from behind.

Then you need to keep your legs closed and his are slightly splayed so they lie outside yours.

The trick to make this position exciting is if you squeeze your legs together – that keeps you tight and instantly makes him feel bigger.

To maintain the pleasure, try rhythmically clenching and then realising your pelvic floor muscles.

Sammi recommended practising this with some kegel balls, which provide arousal and a seriously effective pelvic floor toning session.

You could further the experience in this move by adding a position enhancer to change the angle of penetration.