Couples are LOVING the Pogo sex position – here’s how to do it


LOOKING for a sex position you can use without getting into bed? Here’s how the Pogo can spice up your love life.

Are you getting bored of your usual sex routine?

Changing where you romp is a simple way to spice up your love life.

Ditching the bed in favour of the floors – or even heading outside – are great ways to re-ignite some passion.

Alternatively, you can get down and dirty against one of your bedroom walls.

The Pogo position is the latest sex position that couples are loving.

Just like being on a pogo stick, it requires a bit of balance as you’re bouncing along.

To carry it out, one lover should lean against the wall, with their partner in front of them.

They should then lift one leg slightly, allowing room for penetration.

Alternatively, you can wrap both legs around your partner’s waist to make it more intimate.

Couples are LOVING the Pogo sex position – here's how to do it

SEXUAL HEALING: Changing where you get jiggy could help to spice up your sex life

If one of you is struggling to get comfortable, you can use a chair to adjust the height difference.

To make the Pogo even more intense, grab some lubricant and your favourite vibrator.

If sex toys are new to you, there are many simple ways to introduce them into your routine.

Bullet vibes are one of the best options for beginners, as they are small in size but still pack a punch.

You can use them on the clitorous while you’re bonking, or for shallow penetration during foreplay.

Once you’ve nailed this position, why not give these techniques a go.

Women are loving Queening as it’s a great way to bring you to climax.

For men, X Marks The Spot is the perfect move for those who aren’t very well endowed.

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