Couples are loving the ‘Crab Walk’ sex position – it promises even BETTER orgasms


FEELING uninspired by your bedroom routine? Here’s a sex position that help to spice up your next romp.

Getting too comfortable with your regular sex routine can lead to the spark fizzling in your relationship.

To prevent this from happening, couples should be open to trying new techniques in the sack.

Experimenting with different sex positions is a great way to turn up the heat in the bedroom.

So which kinky move should you be giving a go?

Daily Star Online spoke to Lovehoney’s romance guru Annabelle Knight to find out more.

Apparently, The Advanced Crab Walk is a move that couples should try.

The Kama Sutra classic is definitely more tricky than your standard missionary or doggy.

It requires plenty of leg strength and balance, so you may need a little practice.

The sexpert explains: “Both partners sit down facing each other, resting their hands on the floor behind them.

“She raises her bottom and lowers herself down on top of him, pulling the penis down slightly to aid penetration.

“Once he is inside, she lifts one leg at a time, and puts them either side of his head on his shoulders.”

Couples are loving the 'Crab Walk' sex position – it promises even BETTER orgasms

OPPOSITES ATTRACT: Couples must bonk facing one another to pull off the Crab Walk

As the Crab Walk is a twist on the girl on top position, it’s a great one for ladies.

It allows for slow and sensual sex as it requires a steady grinding motion.

Women are able to set the pace of the romp, as well as adjusting themselves so their partner hits all the right spots.

Annabelle adds that it’s a good technique for female stimulation, so can help to build stronger orgasms.

To make the move even more intense, grab some lubricant and your favourite vibrator.

If sex toys are new to you, there are many simple ways to introduce them into your routine.

Bullet vibes are one of the best options for beginners, as they are small in size but still pack a punch.

You can use them on the clitorous while you’re bonking, or for shallow penetration during foreplay.