‘Britain’s worst boyfriend’ killed one girlfriend’s fish and gave another food poisoning – but that’s not all…


Relationships are hard work, we’ll all happily admit that – but some are harder work than others.

And the girlfriends of one young man seem to have had a pretty rough deal.

James Robertson, 27, from London, has been voted ‘Britain’s worst boyfriend’ in a recent poll, according to the Daily Express .

What’s he done that’s so bad, you ask? Forgotten an anniversary, perhaps? Try seven.

James told the Express: “I don’t mean to be so forgetful or hurt anyone, I think I’m just wired differently to many other people.”

But that’s not all he’s done. Below is a full list of everything that apparently led him down the path to becoming Britain’s worst boyfriend. Men, pay attention…

Think your partner is worse than this? Tell us about them using the JotForm below.

1. Missed a total of seven relationship anniversaries, and nine birthdays

2. Killed his girlfriend’s rare tropical fish by over-feeding them

3. Gave a girlfriend food poisoning by serving her pork chops medium-rare

4. On a two-year anniversary date, James was engrossed in playing computer games and missed the whole evening

5. On a couples’ holiday in Spain, James disappeared for two days after meeting some locals, leaving his girlfriend in despair

6. On the one occasion James did remember to get an anniversary present, he gave her a 2-for-1 voucher to a local restaurant

7. James turned up late to the funeral of his girlfriend’s grandmother and interrupted the ceremony

Apparently things will be looking up for James, as help is at hand. Personal assistant SMS service Awesome has accepted the challenge of helping him be a better boyfriend.

Good luck, James…

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