Anne Diamond answers your relationship and family questions


I’m a gay man and recently came out to my mum, who was brilliant.

Now I’m considering a new – with a girl. I’m 19, confused and scared of my mum’s reaction.

Anne says:

It’s a myth that everyone is sure of their sexuality at your age.

Many young guys and just need to explore friendships before anything becomes sexual anyway. Your mum will be understanding again. Be upfront with your new girlfriend too. Don’t get hung up on gay, straight (or anything else) labels.

Just be , cautious and , and time will sort the rest out.

Anne Diamond answers your relationship and family questions
is known for her vampy outfits

My daughter is nine and wants to wear make-up and outfits fit for a vampy teen, like the celebs she sees online.

I want to be a modern mum, so how can I say no?

Anne says:

For goodness sake, be the parent YOU want to be. If you want your parenting model to be Katie Price, then that’s your choice. Good luck to her, I say. But your daughter needs more than luck, she needs a strong and firm mother who sets her own rules, and insists on childhood values.

Say no. To the make-up and the online influences too.

Twitter Anne Diamond answers your relationship and family questions
Jedward: Twins

We’ve just had twins (a big shock) and already have a two-year-old.

My wife didn’t tell me that twins run in her family.

Now I’m finding it all so stressful I fear I’m resenting her and dreading coming to a house full of screaming brats.

Anne says:

You’ve got to “work the problem”. Your kids aren’t brats and your wife also needs support, but you’re not a bad person for feeling overwhelmed. Recruit and family for a little regular support. Local colleges provide trainee nannies on work experience. Your GP will know support agencies.

You are not alone in this and there is . Go to the Twins & Multiple Births Association at or try for and advice.


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