81% of women WISH you’d do this to them during sex


AN EYE-OPENING sex survey revealed women’s top sexual fantasies.

81% of women WISH you'd do this to them during sex

STEAMY: Most women would like their partner to talk dirty in the bedroom

Sexual kinks are more common than you think. In fact, most people have secret sexual fantasies, according to a recent poll. 

We might not act on them all, but a study from simpatic.us revealed most women have sexual fantasies that they are too afraid to share.

The sex and intimacy website polled 2,700 users to find out what women’s most common bedroom fantasies really are.

Shockingly findings revealed nearly 81% of ladies wish their partner would talk dirty to them in the sack.

“The brain is your most powerful sex organ, and dirty talk is a creative way to stimulate it,” Emily Morse, sexologist and host of the Sex With Emily, told Men’s Health.

Dirty talk is both liberating and useful, as it opens up discussion about what you really want in the bedroom.

“Saying what feels good to you as it’s happening will lead to comfort with asking for more of it. ‘Your hand feels great there,’ or ‘I love the way you look in that position’ can be all you need to get the ball rolling,” Emily added.

“Pay attention to how your partner reacts, and gradually ramp things up.”

The study also found that 70% of women would like to go to a strip club with their partner.

While 63% said they want to use a remote-controlled sex toy with their partner. And a further 44% said they’d like their lover to use the sex toy in public.

Talking dirty isn’t the only way to get her riled up in the bedroom.

A study by researchers at Chapman University in the US quizzed 39,000 couples about their bedroom antics and found that three little words made it better for everyone.

That’s right, 75% of lads and 74% of ladies said hearing “I love you” during a steamy romp, increased pleasure levels.

Source: dailystar.co.uk