8 Valentine’s Day Horror Stories That Will Truly Haunt You


Everyone goes through supernaturally-bad moments in their love lives, but having them happen on the most romantic holiday of the year rubs salt in the wound. Sure, in retrospect, you can find humor in going through a breakup on the official day of love, but in the moment, it’s nothing but a Valentine’s Day catastrophe.

8 Valentine's Day Horror Stories That Will Truly Haunt You

Here are seven stories that’ll haunt you for life:

1. “I hooked up with this guy in college and he totally ghosted me after. A month later, it was Valentine’s Day and I went with all of my single lady friends to see the movie Valentine’s Day. That the same guy walked in with a date and they sat right in front of me. My feet were literally on his seat! I was mortified while they made out during half the film.” – Kristin, 29

2.I found out that [my boyfriend] had been cheating on me on Valentine’s Day when the girl he was cheating with texted me ‘thanks for being such a good friend to him’ after we had ‘broken up.’ It’s funny in retrospect because it’s like something out of a sitcom. I lost my shit. I told my friend what happened and he pulled together a last-minute ‘drink your feelings’ singles-only Valentine’s Day party and it was actually really fun. I ended up making out with my hot R.A. for like thirty minutes and that made me feel better. I was mostly happy to finally be free of that relationship and have a real excuse not to entertain his pleas of getting back together again.” – Heather, 23

3. “We had gone on one date already — it was actually an incredible meet-cute. He picked up my scarf after I dropped it in a store and I later posted a missed connection that he saw and answered. But I planned a second date for like ‘next Tuesday’ or whatever, not realizing it was the 14th until it was too late to move it. He brought me chocolates but I didn’t bring anything because I didn’t think it had progressed enough to warrant that yet. Then we got to the theater like an hour and a half before the movie because [we got the time wrong]. We sat in the lobby and chatted about nothing for a long time. I realized I actually wasn’t as into him as I thought and was already thinking about how best to end things. I had to try to stay engaging and fun knowing it was headed nowhere, while the second date being on Valentine’s Day upped the stakes for him. But I think he’s engaged now?” – Matt, 25

4. “I vaguely knew where the restaurant we were meeting was, but didn’t look up the exact cross streets because I had my phone with me. Out of nowhere, my phone went from 56 percent battery life to completely dead in the middle of me looking up directions. I frantically ran up and down the area searching for my boyfriend. I was even madder at myself for not knowing his number by heart so I could borrow someone’s phone and call him. To be fair – does anyone have their partner’s number committed to memory? I eventually found him about 25 minutes later, standing outside the restaurant in the cold. Needless to say, a good portion of dinner was me apologizing profusely.” – Lisa, 24

5. “I had been dating my girlfriend for seven months and wanted to have an intimate, romantic dinner. We both got colds a few days before Valentine’s Day, and the night of, I went over to her house just so we could be together [and so I could] take care of her, since she was more sick. We just hung out watching Netflix while wiping our noses, sneezing and coughing. At one point, she went in for a kiss and cuddle and some snot dripped in my mouth.– Alison, 27


6. “When I was in high school I had recently started dating my boyfriend at the time a week before Valentine’s. Although we hadn’t made plans on Valentine’s — it was a weekday and we both had after-school activities — I had assumed he would do something to surprise me. Later that day, my mom said she had found a red rose on her car. She had a secret admirer! We couldn’t figure out who it could be. After ignoring my boyfriend for neglecting to make me feel special on Valentine’s, he asked if I received the red rose he had placed on my car. My mom and I shared one car at the time. I apologized to my boyfriend for being rude and never told my mom the truth. To this day she doesn’t know who the admirer was.” – Nicole, 26


7. “I was in the Literature Club in high school, and we did an after-school Valentine’s Day performance where we could sing romantic songs, recite classic poems, or our own work. A guy who liked me — and who I did not like back — read a love poem he wrote and then announced to everyone that it was about me. Everyone in the audience turned to look at me. I think I actually slid down in my seat.” – Maggie, 22


8. “The first Valentine’s Day I spent with my now boyfriend was awful – it was actually our first real date so we were just getting to know each other. We went to a nice dinner and sat way too close to another couple at the restaurant. The clearly wasted wife next to us kept butting into our conversation, telling us we were ‘acting awkward’ together, that we probably wouldn’t last, that my major was just a ‘MRS degree’ and then gave a long rant about how she and her husband never had sex anymore. I was cringing the whole time, and the husband was profusely apologizing. We basically stopped speaking after we realized we couldn’t say anything to each other without her overhearing and making a comment. It was hands-down the worst date ever, but the man I was with eventually became my boyfriend. Five years later we can laugh about it now!” –Frances, 25

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Source: Cosmopolitan