8 sex positions for bad girls only



8 sex positions for bad girls only

With him sitting upright, legs stretched out, straddle him. As you lower yourself onto his penis, slide your knees forward so they’re on the bed behind him, and lean back so your back is against his thighs. As he thrusts, tell him to lean forward so his mouth is on your breasts, then ask him to lick (or bite) your nipples—whatever tickles your fancy.


8 sex positions for bad girls only

As he sits up with his legs extended, straddle him reverse cowgirl–style, but with your legs extended back and your torso down between his thighs and shins. He’ll love the unforgettable rear view and how easy it is for him to gently smack your butt. Amp up things by telling him to tug on your tresses a little.


8 sex positions for bad girls only

With him lying on his back, have him lift his knees to his chest. Then straddle his hips, and squat so your thighs hug his. Before you lower yourself onto him, take your panties, bathrobe tie, or a pair of fuzzy handcuffs, and tie his wrists to the bedposts so you’re in total control.


8 sex positions for bad girls only

Sit on the counter with him standing facing you, and sling a belt around the wide part of his back. Holding the ends for balance, raise your legs up onto his shoulders. Use the belt to pull your upper body closer to him for some light bondage action as he thrusts.


8 sex positions for bad girls only

Start out lying on your back with your knees bent and legs in the air, and have him get on his knees in front of you. Keep your head straight as he holds your ankles and lifts your butt and lower torso off the bed to the level of his penis. Once he’s inside you, spread your knees as far apart as you can for a show he’ll never forget.


8 sex positions for bad girls only

Take doggie- style to a new level of XXX by mixing in a little yoga. Have him disengage for a second, then get into a low downward- facing dog position—your butt is high in the air, with your hands and feet the only parts of you touching the bed. With him standing behind you, knees slightly bent, he’ll enter you from behind while holding on to your hips to help support you (so your arms don’t give out).


8 sex positions for bad girls only

He should lie on his back with one leg bent. Straddle his body sideways, and lower yourself onto his penis. Press against his leg for clitoral stimulation as you’re riding him. You also have primo access to his balls, so take the opportunity to play with them—it’s an area guys said they wish you’d pay more attention to in a recent Cosmo poll.


8 sex positions for bad girls onlyStraddle him, face-to-face, in a chair. Grasp the back of his neck or shoulders for balance, then lift your legs so your calves are on his shoulders, and ride him. Since his hands will be free and your clitoris will be front and center, have him use a vibrator on it for a killer simultaneous orgasm.


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