7 Ways Male Birth Control Will Change EVERYTHING


The birth control injection may soon be a reality for men. How will this change things?

Researchers in China may have succeeded in developing what people have dreamed about for centuries: effective, reversible birth control that has no serious side effects (at least in the short-term). Consisting of 500 mg of testosterone undecanoate in tea seed oil, this experimental contraceptive injection was tested on 1,045 healthy males, aged 20-45 years old, for 30 months. Each study participant had fathered a child within the two years before the study began. Their partners were between 18 and 38 years old. All had normal medical histories.

7 Ways Male Birth Control Will Change EVERYTHINGThe study found that, like the pill, the effectiveness of the injection was near 99%. If this male hormonal contractreption is further developed and succeeds in reaching the market, how will it change the world? We’ve thought of a few ways.

1. Lots more drunken men in bars saying: “Don’t worry, I’m on the shot.

2. Lots more pregnant everywhere muttering to their girlfriends: “He said he was on the shot.”

3. Sensitive New Age guys the world over finally able to prove that, yes, , if they could, they would be the ones to take the hormones.

4. The faster spread of diseases we’d prefer not to have. Sorry. We had to say it.

5. , irresponsible bachelors everywhere no longer able to use the excuse of being “trapped” into parenthood.

6. Iconic Heart song, “All I Want To Do Is Make To You,” no longer relevant.

7. With simultaneous invention of the time-travel machine, 90% of us not born.


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