7 Unbelievable Sex Facts You NEVER Knew


Do you believe that your life is on an all time high, thanks to the immense knowledge you have about sex? Well, we bring you seven never-heard-before facts about the ‘S’ word, which are sure to leave you thinking…

1. Globally, lovers are 139 times a year. The French are the lovemaking pacesetters, according to the Durex Global Sex Survey 2002, coming in at 167 times each 365 days.

2. are biodegradable — some of them. Lambskin and latex are biodegradable, but polyurethane aren’t.

3. Sex-enhancing CDs are being sold for setting the mood. Try some classical options to rock your world: Shacking Up to Chopin, Making Out to Mozart and Bedroom Bliss with Beethoven are available.

4. Don’t douche — it’s not recommended anymore. Douching washes away the bacteria in the vagina and alters the natural, pH level. The practice can actually lead to the spread of infections in the reproductive organs.

5. Sex with a celebrity is the No. 1 fantasy worldwide. That’s according to the recent Durex survey, which also found that four in 10 people have fantasized about sex with their best friend’s !

6. Believe it – blue balls are for real. The discomfort is caused when more blood flows into the than out. The uneven blood flow causes an in the volume of blood trapped in the genitals and contributes to the becoming erect and the testicles becoming engorged with blood.

7. It could take eight months for a couple to conceive. So you might not get a off the bat, but the wait can be more than worthwhile. At least a year should go by before you fret about your fertility.

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